Nuclear Education Project

Project Mission

While several U.S. nuclear engineering programs have components dedicated to nuclear security and nonproliferation policy education for their nuclear engineering students, many do not. By engaging students and professors from the U.S. and abroad, the FAS Nuclear Education Project provides students, professors, and the general public with diverse and thoughtful examinations, analyses, and proposals for equipping the next generation of U.S.-trained nuclear engineers with the policy knowledge necessary for an informed ethical understanding and dimension to their technical work and training.


Reports/Briefing Papers

Professors and graduate-level students contributed comprehensive working papers across a wide spectrum of elements pertaining to nuclear education. The working papers are free and publicly available for education and information purposes.

Bethany Goldblum

“Pedagogical Methods for Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation Policy”

Sara Pozzi

“The Consortium for Verification Technology Model for University and National Laboratory Collaboration”

Barbara Fisher

“Powering the Future Nuclear Security Through Regional Programs”

Hannah Gardiner

“Proposal for a Summer Course on Training Educators in Nuclear Nonproliferation, Security, and Policy”

Yanuar Ady Setiawan

“Opportunities for International Students in Nuclear Security Education”


Outreach & Education

2017 ANS Annual Meeting

At the 2017 American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting (download official program), FAS President Charles D. Ferguson presented at and organized a panel titled “Establishing and Advancing Nonproliferation and Nuclear Policy Education at U.S. Nuclear Science and Engineering Programs” (chaired by Gilbert Brown). The panelists featured practitioners at the forefront of nuclear security and nonproliferation education from major U.S. universities, a think tank, and a national laboratory. Below are more information on the panelists and their presentation slides available for download.

Left to right: John Mattingly, Charles Ferguson, Gilbert Brown, Sara Pozzi, Rian Bahran, Bethany Goldblum, and Sumil Chirayath.

Rian Bahran

R&D Nuclear Engineer, Los Alamos National Laboratory

“Nuclear Engineering & Nonproliferation University Engagement: Providing Unique Technical Opportunities for a Talented Pipeline”

Sunil S. Chirayath

Director, Nuclear Security & Science Institute at Texas A&M University

“Nuclear Security Education, Research and Training at Texas A&M University”

Charles D. Ferguson

President, Federation of American Scientists

“Addressing the Need for Policy Education of the Next Generation of Nuclear Engineers and Scientists”

Bethany Goldblum

Assistant Research Engineer IV, University of California, Berkeley

“Nuclear Science and Security Consortium: Advancing Nonproliferation Policy Education”

John Mattingly

Associate Professor of Nuclear Engineering, North Carolina State University

“NNSA Consortium for Nonproliferation Enabling Capabilities (CNEC)”

Sara Pozzi

Director, Consortium for Verification Technology

“Establishing and Advancing Nonproliferation and Nuclear Policy Education at U.S. Science and Engineering Programs”

FAS Science & Security Summit 2017


Charles D. Ferguson

President, Federation of American Scientists

Opening Remarks

Rodney K. Wilson

Director, Nonproliferation and Cooperative Threat Reduction Center at Sandia National Laboratories

Remarks • Q&A • Presentation Slides

Richard Meserve

President Emeritus, Carnegie Institution for Science

Remarks • Q&A • Presentation Slides

John P. Holdren

Science Advisor to Former President Obama

Remarks • Q&A • Presentation Slides

Stephen O. A. Dahunsi

Ph.D. Fellow, University of Tennessee

RemarksQ&A • Presentation Slides

Hannah E. Gardiner

Ph.D. Student, University of Florida

Remarks • Q&A • Presentation Slides

Yanuar Ady Setiawan

M.S. Student, Texas A&M University

RemarksQ&A • Presentation Slides