Striving For A Safer World Since 1945

FAS To President and Congress: Shutdown Is Hurting Science

The Federation of American Scientists sent a letter to the President, Senate, and House leadership calling for an end to the partial government shutdown for the sake of science. 

FAS Welcomes New Senior Fellow: Dr. Michael A. Fisher

Dr. Michael A. Fisher has joined FAS as a Senior Fellow. He is both a molecular biologist and citizen scientist, his expertise at the intersection of science and policy. Read his bio. 

Kim Jong Un's Warning to Trump

FAS Adjunct Senior Fellow Ankit Panda writes for POLITICO Magazine on Kim Jong-un’s New Year’s Day speech: “In two words, Kim’s message for the United States: ‘Your turn.'” 

FAS President's Op-Ed among The Bulletin's Best of 2018

President Ali Nouri and Shahram Seyedin-Noor‘s op-ed on synthetic biology’s potential and risks was among the best pieces on disruptive technologies for The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists in 2018. 

Striving for a Safer World since 1945

In November 1945, the Federation of Atomic Scientists was founded by Manhattan Project scientists who helped construct the first atomic bombs.

These scientists were united by the credo that all scientists, engineers, and other technically-trained thinkers have an ethical obligation to ensure the technological fruits of their intellect and labor are applied to the benefit of humankind.

Today, the Federation of American Scientists continues to strengthen its network of experts and thinkers to uphold its mission established in 1945: strive to make the world a safer, more informed place.

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Recent Activity

Chinese DF-26 Missile Launchers Deploy To New Missile Training Area

By Hans M. Kristensen [Updated] Earlier this month, the Chinese government outlet Global Times published a report that a People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF) unit with the new DF-26 intermediate-range ballistic missile had carried out an exerc …

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Mixed Messages On Trump’s Missile Defense Review

President Trump personally released the long-overdue Missile Defense Review today, and despite the document’s assertion that “Missile Defenses are Stabilizing,” the MDR promotes a posture that is anything but.

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CIA Historical Review Panel Put on Hiatus

The Historical Review Panel that advises the Central Intelligence Agency on declassification of historical intelligence records said this week that its planned December 2018 meeting was canceled by CIA, and that no future meetings were scheduled. But C …

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More Light on Black Program to Track UFOs

The Defense Intelligence Agency disclosed this week that it had funded research on warp drive, invisibility cloaking, and other areas of fringe or speculative science and engineering as part of a now-defunct program to track and identify threats from s …

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JASON Endorses Further Fusion Power Research

The JASON scientific advisory panel cautiously endorsed further research into what is known as Magneto-Inertial Fusion (MIF) as a step towards achieving fusion-generated electricity. “Magneto-Inertial Fusion (MIF) is a physically plausible approach to …

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Can the Defense Department Build a Border Wall?

If the President were to declare a national emergency in order to justify building a “wall” on the border with Mexico, there would be certain legal authorities that he could invoke to initiate construction operations. But the scope of those legal autho …

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Trump Says DoD IG Reports Should Be “Private”

The recurring dispute over the appropriate degree of secrecy in the Department of Defense arose in a new form last week when President Trump said that certain audits and investigations that are performed by the DoD Inspector General should no longer be …

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Defense Primers, and More from CRS

“The President does not need the concurrence of either his military advisors or the U.S. Congress to order the launch of nuclear weapons,” the Congressional Research Service reminded readers last month in an updated “defense primer” on “Command and Con …

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Israel’s Official Map Replaces Military Bases with Fake Farms and Deserts

Israel has deleted several military facilities from its official map by replacing them with fake farms, deserts, or paint splotches.

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New Pre-Publication Review Policy is Coming

Two years ago, the House Intelligence Committee asked the Director of National Intelligence to improve the government’s controversial policy on reviewing books, articles and speeches by current and former intelligence employees prior to their publicati …

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