Jennifer Erickson
Jennifer Erickson focuses on applying innovation and data-driven solutions to the organ donation shortage. Her work is supported by Arnold Ventures and Schmidt Futures, where she serves as an Innovation Fellow. She served in the Obama White House as the Assistant Director of Innovation for Growth in the Office of…
Doug Rand
Doug Rand is a Senior Fellow and Director of the Technology and Innovation Initiative.
Priscilla Guo
Priscilla Guo is a Policy Advisor for the Day One Project.

Featured Publications

Nuclear Notebook

March 2021: Russian Nuclear Forces

Russia is in the middle of a decades-long modernization of its strategic and nonstrategic nuclear forces to replace Soviet-era weapons with newer systems.

Science Policy

The FDA should condition any vaccine approval on open trial data

With only 60 percent of Americans reporting that they’re willing to take a coronavirus vaccine, it’s not enough for the government to simply approve a vaccine candidate.