Evidence Based Policy Research and Advocacy Since 1945.

FAS envisions a world where cutting-edge science, technology, ideas and talent are deployed to solve the biggest challenges of our time. We embed science, technology, innovation, and experience into government and public discourse in order to build a healthy, safe, prosperous and equitable society.

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About Us

After the devastating bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a group of atomic researchers, deeply concerned about the use of science for malice, created an organization committed to using science and technology to benefit humanity. The group they created – the Federation of Atomic Scientists – soon became the Federation of American Scientists in recognition of the hundreds of scientists across diverse disciplines who joined together to advance science policy and counter scientific misinformation.

Over 75 years later, the Federation of American Scientists is still working to minimize the risks of significant global threats, arising from nuclear weapons, biological and chemical agents, and climate change. The organization also works to advance progress on a broad suite of contemporary issues where science, technology, and innovation policy can deliver dramatic progress, and seeks to ensure that scientific and technical expertise have a seat at the policymaking table.

Issues We’re Tackling

Our founders recognized that data-driven policy and security go hand-in-hand. The diverse work at FAS offers evidence-based analysis and solutions for the most pressing policy and security challenges of today.

Ecosystems and Entrepreneurship

The federal government is making unprecedented investments into our nation’s innovation ecosystem, but these investments must be rooted in community needs and vision.   

Nuclear Weapons

We provide the public with reliable information about the status and trends of the nuclear weapons arsenals of the world’s nuclear-armed countries.

Science Policy

We build connections between scientists and policymakers to serve the public good, across domains like environmental justice, the bioeconomy, clean energy, and more. 

Social Innovation

American society is grappling with inequalities in education, housing, workforce development, and more, but a fair government can ensure everyone prospers while leaving nobody behind.

Technology and Innovation

We must begin to solve future challenges by providing insight to industry, bridging connections across sectors and pushing for government innovation at all levels.