About FAS

About FAS

The Federation of American Scientists is a nonprofit policy research and advocacy organization founded in 1945 to meet national security challenges with evidence-based, scientifically-driven, and nonpartisan policy, analysis, and research.

After the devastating bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a group of atomic researchers, deeply concerned about the use of science for malice, created an organization committed to using science and technology to benefit humanity. The group they created – the Federation of Atomic Scientists – soon became the Federation of American Scientists in recognition of the hundreds of scientists across diverse disciplines who joined together to advance science policy and counter scientific misinformation.

Over 75 years later, the Federation of American Scientists is still working to minimize the risks of significant global threats, arising from nuclear weapons, biological and chemical agents, and climate change. The organization also works to advance progress on a broad suite of contemporary issues where science, technology, and innovation policy can deliver dramatic progress, and seeks to ensure that scientific and technical expertise have a seat at the policymaking table.

Issues We’re Tackling

Our founders recognized that data-driven policy and security go hand-in-hand. The diverse work at FAS offers evidence-based analysis and solutions for the most pressing policy and security challenges of today.


  • The Nuclear Information Project tracks global nuclear arsenals and nuclear arms control treaties, to reduce the existential threat of nuclear war.
  • The Defense Posture Project monitors rapid advancements in military technology that challenge existing concepts of deterrence.


  • The Congressional Science Policy Initiative provides evidence-based analysis of science and technology issues to Members of Congress, mobilizing experts and connecting them directly with policymakers.
  • The Organs Initiative uses data science to accelerate improved patient outcomes.
  • The Day One Project works to develop and implement innovative and actionable ideas in science and technology policy.





Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A key pillar of our work is aimed at democratizing the research and policymaking process. We recognize the critical role that diverse voices play in contributing to and shaping science policy, and seek to intentionally represent those voices in our process, ensuring a range of perspectives and ideas are captured and represented in our work.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

The FAS Fiscal Sponsorship Program seeks to support burgeoning entrepreneurs in science and technology policy. Through this program, FAS provides sponsorship and support for philanthropic endeavors in an effort to forge partnerships and expand our impact in the science community. 

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