National Security

Nuclear Information Project

The Nuclear Information Project provides the public with reliable information about the status and trends of the nuclear weapons arsenals of the world’s nuclear-armed countries.

ICBM Information Project

The ICBM Information Project provides a complete overview of the Pentagon’s $264 billion ground-based strategic deterrent, in addition to reviewing the fundamental role of ICBMs in US nuclear strategy.

Defense Posture Project

The Defense Posture Project lays the groundwork for a US defense posture that is capable and credible, sufficiently restrained to maintain strategic stability, and fiscally sustainable.

Disinformation Research Group

The Disinformation Research Group is composed of scientists, communications experts, data-scientists, and technologists with the intended purpose of detecting, understanding, and effectively exposing disinformation and false narratives surrounding COVID-19.

Biological Weapons Convention

In cooperation with the US Department of State, the National Academy of Sciences New Voices Initiative, and the InterAcademy Partnership, FAS is conducting a project on an International Science Advisory Process for the Biological Weapons Convention.