National Security

Nuclear Information Project

The Nuclear Information Project provides the public with reliable information about the status and trends of the nuclear weapons arsenals of the world’s nuclear-armed countries.

ICBM Information Project

The ICBM Information Project provides a complete overview of the Pentagon’s $264 billion ground-based strategic deterrent, in addition to reviewing the fundamental role of ICBMs in US nuclear strategy.

Defense Posture Project

The Defense Posture Project lays the groundwork for a US defense posture that is capable and credible, sufficiently restrained to maintain strategic stability, and fiscally sustainable.

Project on the Defense Budget

The Day One Project is working alongside key stakeholders to remove the barriers to defense modernization inherent in the DoD’s Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution system and its adjacent resource allocation processes.

Disinformation Research Group

The Disinformation Research Group is composed of scientists, communications experts, data-scientists, and technologists with the intended purpose of detecting, understanding, and effectively exposing disinformation and false narratives surrounding COVID-19.

Biological Weapons Convention

In cooperation with the US Department of State, the National Academy of Sciences New Voices Initiative, and the InterAcademy Partnership, FAS is conducting a project on an International Science Advisory Process for the Biological Weapons Convention.