Meet the staff

Meet our staff

For over 75 years, FAS has fostered the voices of world-class experts and early-career researchers alike from a variety of scientific, academic, and professional backgrounds.

meet our Staff
Fellow, AI Policy
Jack Titus
Economic policy
Effective policy design
Trustworthy AI
AI safety
Senior Manager, Science Policy
Jacob Robertson
Nonprofit Management,
Science and Technology Policy,
Organizational Operations
Staff Fellow
Jake Higdon
Wildfire Policy Specialist
James Campbell
Science and Technology Policy,
Health and the Environment,
Legislative Procedure
Staff Fellow
Jane Yang
Executive Assistant
Janet Abubo O’Brien-Kumi
Staff Fellow
Jasper Cooper
Staff Fellow
Jenna Knobloch
Jenna Segal has worked nationally and internationally across the food system to develop and support equitable, sustainable food systems that positively impact the health and well-being of people around the world
Staff Fellow
Jenna Segal
Senior Fellow
Jennifer Erickson
Organ Donation Policy,
Economic Policy and Entrepreneurship,
U.K./Scotland Economic Policy/Politics
Senior Fellow
Jennifer Pahlka
State capacity
Government innovation
Staff Fellow
Jess Rogers