Meet the staff

Meet our staff

For over 75 years, FAS has fostered the voices of world-class experts and early-career researchers alike from a variety of scientific, academic, and professional backgrounds.

meet our Staff
Staff Fellow
Jillian Dy
Staff Fellow
Jodie McVane
Staff Fellow
John Cotton Dean
Staff Fellow
John Reichard
Impact Fellow
John Whitmer
Director, Global Risk
Jon Wolfsthal
Nuclear Weapons,
Global Security,
Global Governance
Emerging Technology
Associate Director, Communications
Jonathan Wilson
Metascience Program Lead
Jordan Dworkin
Experimental Methods,
Biomedical Science
Leventhal Fellow
José Alberto González Aranda
Organized Crime,
Latin America,
Covert Actions,
Public Advocacy
Staff Fellow
Joshua Porterfield
Staff Fellow
Julia Brown
Senior Project Associate
Karinna Gerhardt