Meet the staff

Meet our staff

For over 75 years, FAS has fostered the voices of world-class experts and early-career researchers alike from a variety of scientific, academic, and professional backgrounds.

meet our Staff
Senior Associate, Climate, Health, and Environment
Autumn Burton
Environmental Justice,
Climate Resilience,
Extreme Heat,
International Development
Staff Fellow
Bhavya Mohan
Associate Director, Fellow Learning Experience
Brittany Moore
Fellowships & Internships,
Workforce Development
Brittni Echols joins FAS after having worked a year with the USDA Agricultural Marketing Services in the Local and Regional Foods Division.
Staff Fellow
Brittni Echols
Staff Fellow
Candace Young
Science Policy Program Associate
Cate Young
Health Regulatory Specialist
Cheri Banks
health policy,
rare diseases,
health education
Senior Fellow, Nonproliferation Law and Policy
Christopher Bidwell
law and wmds,
chemical and biological weapons,
iran’s nuclear program
Staff Fellow
Christopher J. Gillespie
AI Policy Specialist
Clara Langevin
AI Governance,
Technology Policy,
Public Sector AI,
Data Governance
Adjunct Fellow
Colleen Chien
Senior Fellow
Cristin Dorgelo
Government Capacity,
Policy Implementation,
Open Innovation