Meet the staff

Meet our staff

For over 75 years, FAS has fostered the voices of world-class experts and early-career researchers alike from a variety of scientific, academic, and professional backgrounds.

meet our experts
Health Equity Intern
Katie Heath
Communications Manager, Media & PR
Katie McCaskey
Staff Fellow
Katy Newhouse
Staff Fellow
Katy Rother
Staff Fellow
Lauren Croxton
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
Lauren Manning
Food & Agriculture,
Law & Policy,
Farming & Ranching
Staff Fellow
Lena Shi
Policy Associate
Liam Alexander
Staff Fellow
Lisa Einstein
Technical Editor
Lyndsey Gray
Space Diplomacy,
U.S. Foreign Policy,
Technology Innovation,
International Commercial Regulation,
Space Debris Mitigation
Scoville Peace Fellow
Mackenzie Knight
Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation
Nuclear Deterrence
Nuclear Risk in Conflict
Middle East Nuclear Arsenals and Proliferation
Senior Policy Associate
Maeve Skelly