Meet the staff

Meet our staff

For over 75 years, FAS has fostered the voices of world-class experts and early-career researchers alike from a variety of scientific, academic, and professional backgrounds.

meet our experts
Staff Fellow
Julia Brown
Research Assistant, Organs Initiative
Justin Chestang
Senior Project Associate
Karinna Gerhardt
Katarina Watney
Manager, Communications
Kate Kohn
Data Visualization,
Data Analysis,
Staff Fellow
Katherine McEldoon
Senior Fellow
Kathy Stack
Evidence-based policymaking
Integrated data systems
Health Equity Intern
Katie Heath
Communications Manager, Media & PR
Katie McCaskey
Staff Fellow
Katy Newhouse
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
Korica Simon
Lacy Stephens brings systems-oriented and equity-centered approaches to public health and food system challenges.
Staff Fellow
Lacy Stephens