Fellow, AI Policy
Jack Titus
Economic policy
Effective policy design
Trustworthy AI
AI safety

Jack Titus is a Fellow in the Technology & Innovation team at the Federation of American Scientists. He is a member of the second cohort of Horizon Institute for Public Service Fellowship, specializing in AI Policy. His areas of research interest include AI assessment and monitoring, export controls, and open science research policy. Jack’s background is in education, having served as a high school teacher at Austin’s Liberal Arts & Science Academy. There, he taught a 10th-grade survey course in philosophy that introduced students to ideas in ethics, epistemology, political philosophy, and more. Jack completed a BA in Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame in 2014 and an MA in Economics at the University of Texas in May 2023. In his spare time, he is a national parks nerd, avid climber, crossword solver, and aspiring home chef.