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The Congressional Science Policy Initiative connects you with the policymaking process so your expertise makes an even bigger difference.

A call to service

Most policymakers have limited experience with scientific or technical information. The pace of discoveries and advances continues to ramp up, making it critical for STEM experts to plug in to the policymaking process.

The Congressional Science Policy Initiative helps the research community provide nonpartisan analysis and evidence-based ideas to Congress, promoting sound policymaking.

Contribute your ideas, suggestions, or questions to Congressional hearings, the forum where Senators and Representatives learn about science and technology issues.

Make scientific or technical information accessible for non-specialist Congressional committees and offices.

Provide input to National Academies study committees, which produce highly regarded reports that are used in federal policymaking.

Join the Congressional Science Policy Initiative community, become a Science Ambassador to Congress, and help bring more science and technology to the policymaking process.

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