Congressional Science Policy Initiative

Our Mission

Congressional Science Policy Initiative (CSPI) is an effort to facilitate the engagement of scientists, engineers, and technologists with Congressional offices in order to better inform public policy.

CSPI will seek to inform a diverse range of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Benefits and risks of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and synthetic biology.
  • Value of scientific research and its role in national security and economic competitiveness.
  • Role of STEM graduate schools in producing more policy-oriented scientists.
  • Aspects of nuclear arms control and risks associated with nuclear weapons proliferation.

Our Approach

Educating Congress

We work with scientists who are part of our community to convey their science-based ideas and approaches into key Congressional hearings.

Congressional Initiatives

We work with our community of scientists to inform the work of Congressional offices as they develop initiatives and exercise oversight of the Executive Branch.


We help connect the science community to Congressional offices so that they can serve as a sounding board and resource for lawmakers and their staff.

Join Our Community to Educate Congress

By joining the FAS Congressional Science Policy Initiative — a network of scientists, engineers, and technologists — you will help build a community that educates lawmakers and their staff on urgent issues in science and technology.

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Our Team


Ali Nouri, Ph.D.

Federation of American Scientists


Michael A. Fisher, Ph.D. 

Senior Fellow
Federation of American Scientists


Stay Informed

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Publications and Outreach

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Science Policy in Cessnas

Above The Fray is a video podcast hosted by FAS President Dr. Ali Nouri. A licensed pilot, Dr. Nouri flies guests over American vistas while discussing important issues in science and technology policy.

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