Congressional Science Policy Initiative

Our Mission

The FAS Congressional Science Policy Initiative (CSPI) aims to fill a critical gap in the nation’s policy making process: the relative absence of the scientific community in informing federal policy.

The scientific community’s input is vital, particularly to the work of lawmakers who, unlike executive branch agencies, tend to lack in-house scientific expertise.

The FAS Congressional Science Policy Initiative (CSPI) will therefore help to create a network of scientists, engineers, and technologists who will bring their expertise to bear in order to inform the work of lawmakers and their staff on a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Engaging policy makers on the value of scientific research and its role in economic competitiveness;
  • Considering the benefits of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and synthetic biology, while addressing their risks
  • Addressing the risks from nuclear weapons and nuclear weapon-usable materials through arms control, nonproliferation and disarmament;
  • Advancing measures to limit the scale and impacts of climate change and to support communities confronting the effects of climate change
Ali Nouri

Ali Nouri, Ph.D.

Federation of American Scientists

Michael A Fisher (Headshot)

Michael Fisher, Ph.D. 

Senior Fellow
Federation of American Scientists


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