Policy Entrepreneurship Fellowship

05.31.23 | 1 min read

The Policy Entrepreneurship Fellowship (PEF) empowers and guides participants to move their Day One Project policy proposals from idea to reality. During this six-month experience, hosted by FAS in partnership with the Aspen Institute, each PEF works as a part-time FAS affiliate to (i) help their specific ideas gain traction among practitioners and decision makers, and (ii) identify and pursue opportunities for impact in underlying policy areas of interest. PEF participants receive a $5,000 stipend as well as ongoing guidance from policy and technical experts in the FAS community, opportunities for formal training on topics like budgetary analysis and science communication, access to FAS programming and facilities, professional editing services, and more.

Meet the current cohort
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
Diane Sanchez
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
Monica Sanders
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
Korica Simon
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
Vivian Zhong
Past fellows
Bioeconomy & Sustainability Fellow
Megan Damico
Technical Editor
Lyndsey Gray
Space Diplomacy,
U.S. Foreign Policy,
Technology Innovation,
International Commercial Regulation,
Space Debris Mitigation
Alexa White
Alexa is an emerging scientist who served as one of FAS’s first policy entrepreneurship fellows, and has since gone on to lead the Aya Research Institute to embed data capacity and community engagement in environmental justice tools.
Health Equity Policy Manager
Grace Wickerson
Medical Innovation,
Emerging Technologies
Staff Fellow
Christopher J. Gillespie
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
Jessie Mahr
Environmental Technology,
Environmental Policy,
Environmental Justice
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
Lauren Manning
Food & Agriculture,
Law & Policy,
Farming & Ranching
Policy Entrepreneurship Fellow
John Tracey
Electricity Grid Policy,
Transmission Policy