Science Policy


The Science Policy team builds and leverages connections between experts with ideas about how to use science to better serve the public good, and policymakers with the capacity to turn those ideas into reality. The team works across a range of priority domains, including environmental justice, the bioeconomy, clean energy, and many more.  The team also strives to improve government effectiveness using insights from the science of science and evidence-based decision making.

Towards these ends, the team liaises with diverse experts, including:

  • Science-minded thinkers, including researchers in academic, public, and privately funded labs; entrepreneurs working on science-based enterprises;  think tank staff and affiliates; educators; and community scientists.
  • Scientific advocates, including those working with science-grounded grassroots campaigns, science-oriented NGOs, and philanthropies dedicated to supporting science.
  • Science-oriented policymakers, including elected officials, political appointees, legislative staff, and career civil servants at the federal, state, local, and Tribal levels.



Erica Goldman

Director, Science Policy

What We're Building

Actionable policy memos. We solicit, shape, and circulate plans of action for progress on everything from bias in medical innovation, to the science of aging, to carbon dioxide removal.

A growing community of science-policy entrepreneurs. Our accelerators train a diverse slate of science-minded thinkers from across the country to be effective advocates for their solutions in the policy world.

A more knowledgeable, more effective government. Through FAS’s Talent Hub, we support federal agencies in bringing on world-class technical talent to work on high-priority science and technology initiatives.


Jessica Blackband

Senior Program Associate, Science Policy

Zoë Brouns

Senior Project Associate, Climate and Clean Energy

Lyndsey Gray

Technical Editor

Vijay Iyer

Program Associate

Sruthi Katakam

Scoville Peace Fellow

Jacob Robertson

Manager, Science Policy

Grace Wickerson

Science Policy Fellow