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Help shape the National Academies' consensus study on US science and innovation leadership for the 21st century.

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) are evaluating 21st century US competitiveness in science, technology, and innovation (STI). Considering the rise of China and other geopolitical challengers, new strategies may be necessary to bolster US leadership.

What do members of the NASEM committee need to know in order to produce a report that is highly useful to policymakers’ goals of securing US leadership in STI?

This is your one-stop-shop to learn about these issues and provide statements of fact to help inform the work of  the committee, and policymakers.

Help the NASEM committee and policymakers by contributing objective statements about US science, technology, and innovation leadership via this anonymous survey.

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Nonpartisan analysis and research

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Engage and take action!

Complete this anonymous survey so that the NASEM study committee and policymakers become more aware of how the US can bolster its science, technology, and innovation leadership. We will collate the nonpartisan, objective responses based on statements of fact and submit them to the NASEM committee, as well as post them on this site, so that policymakers can access a diversity of expert points of view. Thank you for your efforts!