The Bells of Balangiga, and More from CRS

By October 9, 2018

New and updated publications from the Congressional Research Service include the following.

Russian Compliance with the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty: Background and Issues for Congress, updated October 5, 2018

Defense Primer: The NDAA Process, CRS In Focus, updated October 3, 2018

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards, CRS In Focus, updated October 2, 2018

Lebanon, updated October 5, 2018

Iraq: Issues in the 115th Congress, updated October 4, 2018

Argentina’s Economic Crisis, CRS In Focus, October 2, 2018

Mexico: Background and U.S. Relations, updated October 2, 2018

Spain and Its Relations with the United States: In Brief, updated October 5, 2018

Macedonia: Uncertainty after Referendum on Country’s Name, CRS Insight, October 3, 2018

Afghanistan: Legislation in the 115th Congress, October 3, 2018

U.S.-South Korea (KORUS) FTA, CRS In Focus, updated September 28, 2018:

The Return of the Bells of Balangiga to the Republic of the Philippines, in Context, CRS In Focus, October 1, 2018

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