Stephen Paul Hamblen

Fairview Builders, LLC

Stephen Hamblen is president of Fairview Builders, LLC, and of Fairview Resources, LLC, a developing international consulting group specializing in crisis management planning, leadership training and response, primarily focused on less developed and newly industrialized countries.

During the BP Deepwater Horizon Incident, Dr. Hamblen was deputy director of decontamination and waste and was responsible for on-shore site selection, permitting, and decontamination facility design, construction, and operation.  He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and its Environmental & Water Resources Institute, and is an advisor to the FAS Earth Systems Program.

He has helped start several non-profit organizations, and he currently serves on a number of nonprofit boards. He is also a member of Clemson University’s Industry Advisory Board.

Dr. Hamblen currently is involved, in an advisory capacity, with the implementation and expansion of emerging environmental remediation technologies for projects in Northeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.​