Setting the S&T Agenda Through the State of the Union

At the start of each year, the President delivers an address to Congress on the State of the Union (SOTU). Generally viewed as a primarily political event, the speech has a less widely understood purpose: it is one of the most important milestones for setting the policy agenda, representing the culmination of months of pre-work across a president’s Administration. We believe science and technology should form a core part of this vision.

But too few members of the S&T community know when or how to contribute their ideas to this process.

This year, the Day One Project has effectively “Crowdsourced the SOTU,” assembling ambitious S&T ideas from across the community that we we are bringing forward to inform President Biden’s first State of the Union. In January, we will release new SOTU ideas every week as we count down to the actual State of the Union on March 1. Check back here to read these ideas over the coming weeks!


Over the past several months, the Federation of American Scientists’ Day One Project team worked to engage a diverse set of contributors from across the S&T community to develop the collection of ideas that will be released over the coming weeks. Contributors to specific ideas are denoted above. We also wanted to thank a number of individuals who have contributed to the SOTU process including:

Jennifer Anastasoff, Ulrich Boser, Ray Boyle, Erika Cheung, Kayla Cohen, Daniel Correa, Andrew Coy, Doug Criscitello, Eli Dourado, Jennifer Erickson, Teresa Feo, Mike Fisher, James Glazier, Erica Goldman, Jamie Graybeal, Jo Handelsman, Vasant Honavar, George Hovey, Michael Jewett, Tom Kalil, Jennifer Kraschnewski, Ryan Ko, David Lang, Josh Marcuse, Erik Martin, David Mascarenas, Sudhanshu Mathur, John Myers, David Newville, Greg Novik, Megan Palmer, Amanda Renteria, Will Rieck, Stephanie Rodriguez, Loully Saney, Josh Schoop, Greg Segal, Michael Sekora, Ishan Sharma, Russell Shilling, Joy Silvern, Lawrence Sinoway, Andrew Sosanya, Michael Stebbins, Elizabeth Stulberg, Natalie Thompson, George Whitesides, John E. Whitley, Rafael Yuste