Stanley Moskowitz, CIA Official

07.02.06 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

Stanley Moskowitz, a Central Intelligence Agency official who recently played a leading role in winning declassification of intelligence records on Nazi war criminals, died last week.

“Stan Moskowitz deserves a lot of credit for the Nazi records release, which he managed to accomplish despite a lot of opposition from a directorate which shall not be named,” one former CIA employee told Secrecy News.

“His position was that, not only were the records 50 years old, but most of the people mentioned in them were Nazis for god’s sake. What and why should we still be protecting?”

“Stan Moskowitz pursued this like he did every other assignment in his lifetime of service to America, to preserve and protect our freedom while honoring the democratic traditions of a government which we can trust and be proud of,” wrote B, another admirer.

“He conducted his lifetime of service within the constraints of the ethical and moral principles which set us apart from those who wish us harm.”

See “Stanley M. Moskowitz, 68; Twice CIA Liaison to Congress,” Washington Post, July 1.