Preservation of Iraq War Records, and More DoD Doctrine

02.28.08 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

The Joint Chiefs of Staff recently reaffirmed the requirement to preserve historically valuable records pertaining to the Iraq War.

“Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and NOBLE EAGLE and current operations pertaining to Iraq are a prominent part of American and world history. It is important that we preserve the historical records of these continuing operations and we obtain information and lessons that can be applied in planning, shaping, and implementing our national defense in the future.”

See Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Notice 5760, Preservation of Historical Records of Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle and Pertaining to Iraq (pdf), 7 September 2006, current as of 31 January 2008.

A new Army Regulation defines policies and procedures governing military civilians who are engaged in human intelligence and counterintelligence activities. See Army Regulation 690-950-4, “Military Intelligence Civilian Excepted Career Program” (pdf), 20 February 2008.

A revised new Army Field Manual 3-0 on “Operations” has not yet been released.  The Defense Department has released its own revised doctrine on Joint Operations. See Joint Publication 3-0 (pdf), change 1, 13 February 2008.