OSC Views New Cuban Leadership

04.27.09 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

The political leadership of Cuba, which has undergone significant turnover in the past year, was profiled in a new publication this month by the DNI Open Source Center (OSC).

“Raul Castro has overhauled the leadership of top government bodies, especially those dealing with the economy, since he formally succeeded his brother Fidel as president of the Councils of State and Ministers on 24 February 2008,” the OSC observed. “Since then, almost all of the Council of Ministers vice presidents have been replaced, and more than half of all current ministers have been appointed.”

See “Cuban Leadership Overview” (pdf), Open Source Center, April 16, 2009.  A handsome poster featuring photographs of dozens of senior Cuban officials was also compiled by the Open Source Center.  See “Cuban Leadership Chart” (pdf), April 16, 2009.

Like most Open Source Center products, these items have not been approved for public release.  Copies were obtained by Secrecy News.