New Military Doctrine

02.28.07 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

A new U.S. Air Force directive “provides policies for managing nuclear weapons and weapon systems, and for protecting personnel, property, and the environment from hazardous exposure to radioactive materials.” See Air Force Policy Directive 91-1, “Nuclear Weapons and Systems Surety” (pdf), 13 February 2007.

Another new Air Force document on combating the threat or use of weapons of mass destruction “provides guidance for understanding, planning, and executing counter-chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear operations to enable US forces to survive and operate effectively in this deadly environment.” See Air Force Doctrine Document 2-1.8, “Counter-Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Operations” (pdf), 26 January 2007. (Update: Dick Destiny offers some commentary on AFDD 2-1.8, and provides some corrections.)

Army doctrine on the use of attack helicopters to locate and destroy enemy forces and to gather or confirm intelligence is presented in a new field manual. See “Attack Reconnaissance Helicopter Operations” (large pdf), Field Manual FM 3-04.126, February 16, 2007. The new manual notes that it has been reviewed for operations security considerations and approved for public release.