In Other News

04.13.10 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

Israeli Stores Stop Selling Book That Denounces Settlers by Robert Mackey, New York Times The Lede, April 12. “An Israeli bookstore chain announced on Sunday that it would stop selling ‘The National Left,’ a political manifesto by two Israeli authors.”

Who watches WikiLeaks? by Chris McGreal, The Guardian, April 9. “This week a classified video of a US air crew killing unarmed Iraqis was seen by millions on the internet. But for some, the whistleblowing website itself needs closer scrutiny.”

Inside WikiLeaks’ Leak Factory by David Kushner, Mother Jones, April 6. “WikiLeaks has revealed the secrets of the Pentagon, Scientology, and Sarah Palin—and the explosive video of a US attack on civilians and journalists in Iraq. Meet the shadowy figure behind the whistleblower site.”

The 9/14 Presidency by Eli Lake, Reason Magazine, April 6. “Barack Obama is operating with the war powers granted George W. Bush three days after the 9/11 attacks.”