Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund, and More from CRS

07.16.14 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

The Obama Administration has requested $5 billion to create a new Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund (CTPF). The program would “build on existing tools and authorities” to establish a “more sustainable and effective” counterterrorism approach, focusing on building the counterterrorism capacity of partners worldwide through “train-and-equip” and other activities, according to the Congressional Research Service.

“The CTPF proposal raises many questions regarding counterterrorism strategy, roles, responsibilities, authorities, and Congressional oversight,” said CRS in a brief overview of the initiative. See The Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund (CTPF) Proposal: Questions for Congress, July 14.

In another new publication, CRS summarized current news reporting on Israel and Hamas: Another Round of Conflict, July 15.

The latest Administration funding request, largely for immigration and border security, was discussed by CRS in FY2014 Supplemental Appropriations Request.

Some other newly updated CRS reports include these:

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