Brennan: “Perhaps” Classification System is Outdated

02.07.13 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

Among the questions submitted to DCIA-nominee John Brennan by the Senate Intelligence Committee in advance of his much-anticipated confirmation hearing this afternoon was one about classification policy.

A recent report to the President from the Public Interest Declassification Board termed the national security classification system “outdated,” the Committee noted.  Does Mr. Brennan agree?

“I would say that the classification system is perhaps outdated in some respects and the recommendations from the PIDB report warrant further consideration,” he replied (Question 30). “If confirmed as Director, I would review the PIDB’s conclusions and would be glad to get back to the Committee with my views.”

In other words, he seemed to say, one of the cornerstones of intelligence as practiced today may be obsolete, at least “in some respects.” But I have nothing to say about that right now. Let’s talk about it after I am confirmed.