A Word from Wikileaks

02.22.08 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

Although we have declined more requests for comment about Wikileaks than we have responded to, some participants in the project feel that we have said too much.

Jay Lim of Wikileaks sent the following advisory email today:

“Who’s side are you on here Stephen? It is time this constant harping stopped.”

“You know full well if you make n comments about us and m negative ones about us it’ll only be the negative comment that is reported — since everyone else has only positive things to say and by your position at FAS there is an expectation of positive comment. You are not a child. As a result of your previous criticism it seem you are becoming the ‘go to’ man for negative comments on Wikileaks. Over the last year, our most quoted critic has not been a right wing radio host, it has not been the Chinese ambassador, it has not been Pentagon bureaucrats, it has been you Stephen. You are the number one public enemy of this project. On top of everything else, your quote is the only critical entry on our Wikipedia page. Some friend of openness!”

“We are very disappointed in your lack of support and suggest you cool it. If you don’t, we will, with great reluctance, be forced to respond.”

“Jay Lim”