Jeff Kaplan

Jeff Kaplan an executive at Coursera, a leading online learning platform serving over 77 million learners around the world. As one of its leads on government partnerships, he spearheaded a Workforce Recovery Initiative with labor departments and workforce boards across the U.S. that helped upskill over 1.1 million unemployed and dislocated workers. Previously, Jeff led business and technical teams at two data platform companies, CARTO and Socrata, and was a senior technology advisor at the World Bank guiding governments on open data, skill development, emerging technology policies, and entrepreneurship.For most of 2020 Jeff was a member of candidate Joe Biden’s Innovation Policy Committee. He led the Working Group on Skills, Work-Based Learning, and Apprenticeships in its work to generate policies to drive a national skills mobilization, expand equitable access to training and entrepreneurship education, and finance R&D for skill development.