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White House: Prepare for the Unpredictable

“The Nation must prepare to mitigate an unpredictable global security and national emergency environment,” the White House said in a report to Congress this month.

The report, transmitted by President Trump on April 3, provided principles for reform of the selective service process by which young Americans enter the military. The report was required by section 555 of the 2017 defense authorization act.

“The Nation must be ever mindful of the unpredictable global security environment that requires an effective and efficient means to provide manpower to the national security community, including military and non-military support in a national emergency,” the President’s report said.

How to prepare in practice for the unpredictable is not clear, except that it involves flexibility.

“Any system, process, or program used to identify, recruit, and employ additional skill sets should be effective in times of peace, war, and other levels of conflict or emergency response. Associated initiatives, systems, and processes must be seamless, robust, and able to expand and contract as needed,” the report said.

Congress established a new National Commission to consider changes to the selective service system, and to develop “the means by which to foster a greater attitude, ethos, and propensity for military services among United States youth.”

One thought on “White House: Prepare for the Unpredictable

  1. A clarification of the story above is in order (not because of Secrecy News’ description). It means that Americans should prepare for the reinstatement of the draft.

    That means prepare to be forced against one’s will to fight wars one opposes, and thus to have the most fundamental of one’s civil liberties trampled upon (the right to decide for what causes one will risk one’s life), with a concomitant regimen of brainwashing militarism, because the President’s policies, and those of the political and military establishment he represents, are deliberately making those wars more likely (“unpredictable” in the grotesque self-serving euphemism of political discourse).

    There’s a two-word expletive for this cynicism and hypocrisy, but it is enough to call it revolting, and to sound the alarm for the resistance.

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