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“If President Obama really welcomed a debate [on intelligence surveillance policy], there are all kinds of things he could do in terms of declassification and disclosure to foster it. But he’s not doing any of them.” At least that’s my perception. See Debate on Secret Data Looks Unlikely, Partly Due to Secrecy by Scott Shane and Jonathan Weisman, New York Times, June 11.

“As the administration and some in Congress vent their anger about leaks to The Post and to Britain’s Guardian newspaper, officials have only themselves to blame,” wrote Dana Milbank in the Washington Post today. “It is precisely their effort to hide such a vast and consequential program from the American public that caused this pressure valve to burst.” See Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks are the backlash of too much secrecy, June 11.

I discussed some aspects of the latest surveillance controversy on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal today.

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  1. Good take on it. I’m skeptical that any “pressure valve” has broken, though. There are a lot of people employed in the corporate contracting national security army, assuredly tens of thousands of them in positions like Edward Snowden’s. One person isn’t a high failure rate. It doesn’t really give you the impression that all the classification, classified programs and security clearances have created a cauldron that’s ready to pop. If anything, the opposite.

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