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Sunshine Week, and Various Items

*    This is Sunshine Week, an annual celebration of open government.  A National Security Archive survey of agency compliance with the Freedom of Information Act found mixed and uneven progress over the past year.

*    With the promotion of Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) director William J. Bosanko to the new position of NARA Agency Services Executive, the ISOO director slot — with its responsibilities for oversight of classification and declassification policy — is open. “We have recently begun a search effort for the ISOO Director position and are committed to filling the vacancy with someone who will maintain the balance between secrecy and openness for which ISOO is known,” wrote National Archivist David S. Ferriero in a March 7 memorandum (pdf).

*    Last month, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released its latest (2010) unclassified annual report to Congress (pdf) on the acquisition of technology relating to weapons of mass destruction and advanced conventional munitions.  Unfortunately, the report is minimally informative, with little new information, and less information than is available from other sources (such as the latest IAEA report on Iran [pdf]).  The section on conventional weapons, included in the 2009 report (pdf), is missing altogether.

*    Contributions in support of disaster relief in Japan can be made through the Red Cross and other organizations.

One thought on “Sunshine Week, and Various Items

  1. The way I perceive it, American democracy is in decline. Freedom of speech is now limited for if it wasn’t I would not have been politically blacklisted in Las Vegas, NV since 2005. Blacklisting here was historically toward gambling cheats in the casinos not disabled veterans who oppose illegal immigration.
    The fist of control tightens in our country and can only get tighter in the future, freedom is becomming punitive in America when people like myself are punished by kangaroo court for speaking their minds without inflicting or promoting harm..

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