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The possible near-term declassification of historical intelligence satellite programs was examined by Dwayne Day in “A Paler Shade of Black,” The Space Review, September 20. The author also noted the pending Fundamental Classification Guidance Review that is supposed to purge obsolete classification requirements from the system.

An initiative led by Public Citizen to gain release of grand jury testimony presented in 1975 by former President Richard Nixon was discussed by John W. Dean in “Releasing Nixon’s Grand Jury Testimony: It Could Change History,” FindLaw, September 17.

The new Army Field Manual 3-28 addresses “Civil Support Operations” (pdf), referring to domestic military operations in support of civilian authorities within the United States.

The Department of Defense issued new guidance on “Use of Animals in DoD Programs” (pdf), DoD Instruction 3216.01, September 13.

In a September 15 report to the House on legislative actions to reduce waste, fraud and abuse, House Intelligence Committee chairman Silvestre Reyes cited House support for increasing the role of the Government Accountability Office in intelligence oversight, a measure opposed by the Obama Administration.

The Pentagon decided to purchase and destroy thousands of copies of Anthony Shaffer’s book Operation Dark Heart at a reported cost of nearly $50,000, while a censored version of the text is released in its place. But since numerous copies of the original version are already in the public domain, this move seems futile and counterproductive.

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  1. Not only that…all one has to do is go to E-bay and purchase an original version of ‘Operation Dark Heart’ then one can buy the regular blacked out version and compare Whatever is blacked over in the new Printing with the Old printing. Hell, if those passages Are as sensitive as the DOD thinks it is our enemies can get Info.for pennies

    {(two were bought $2,500 for one 5 are in bidding (around $600 now.) to be sold 11:33 pm est}

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