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OSC Sees Growing Media Monopoly in Venezuela

The Venezuelan government of President Hugo Chavez “is moving forcefully to silence critics by introducing a Media Crimes bill that would give it sweeping authority to jail journalists, media executives, and bloggers who report on anything that the government considers to be harmful to state interests,” said a new assessment (pdf) by the Intelligence Community’s Open Source Center (OSC).

The Chavez government “is simultaneously moving to shut down more than 200 radio stations,” the OSC report said, and may take over the opposition news station Globovision.  “Silencing his critics would allow Chavez to completely control the media message, but it would also deprive him of his long-standing scapegoat of what he describes as the oligarchic media,” the OSC said.

Like most other OSC analyses, the latest report has not been approved for public release, but a copy was obtained by Secrecy News.  See “Venezuela — Chavez Moves to Silence Opposition Media,” Open Source Center, August 3, 2009.

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  1. I guess you all are not aware that this supposed “Media Crimes” Bill was never a formal Bill at all and that the Venezuelan legislature has declared the text dead on arrival. This was after several pro-Chavez legislators were quoted criticizing it. The head of the National Assembly’s Communications subcommittee said no Bill was ever formally introduced and that the text was fatally flawed.

    I guess I can understand how your “intelligence” unit did not catch this news, as the Western media mostly ignored it (after playing up the idea that the Bill was imminent).

  2. Specific sections of this ‘Media Crimes Law’ were instead secretly included in the ‘New Education Law’ that is going to be discussed for the second time in the Assembly.

    This Education law has NOT been previously presented, consulted, and discussed with civil groups, school boards, and parents-teachers associations.

    It is supposed to be a tool for indoctrination into socialism / comunism.

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