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U.S. Army Ranger Handbook

The U.S. Army Ranger Handbook, updated last year, provides an introduction to this branch of Army special operations forces, with a mixture of history, lore, doctrine, operational guidance and survival tips.

“Tell the truth about what you see and what you do,” advised a historic Ranger document from 1759, reprinted in the current Handbook. “There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don’t never lie to a Ranger or officer.”

See “Ranger Handbook,” U.S. Army, July 2006.

4 thoughts on “U.S. Army Ranger Handbook

  1. How can I obtain a copy of the new Ranger Handbook. I used it my entire career. It is an invaluable tool to any combat leader. Somehow during my retirement move my copy was lost. I would die to get another.

  2. Def an invaluable tool. used my tour as well. 2006-2010 Combat MP’S Lead the way. 18th AIRBORNE CORP.

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