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Independent press reporting of Army plans to extend soldiers’ tours of duty in Iraq by three months prompted outraged warnings (pdf) from the Army vice chief of staff about the need to improve control of Army information against unauthorized disclosure. See “General: Embarrassing = Secret” in the Danger Room blog, April 18.

The government asserted the “state secrets” privilege in a Nevada lawsuit involving eTreppid Technologies (and the classified BIG SAFARI program). But instead of trying to shut the case down, as commonly occurs in state secrets cases, the government, which is not a party to the case, is proposing a way that it could proceed. See “eTreppid case gets special treatment” by Martha Bellisle, Reno Gazette-Journal, April 19.

Senate efforts to advance the FY2007 Intelligence Authorization Act collapsed again on April 17 in the face of Republican opposition to several provisions of the legislation, further undermining congressional oversight of intelligence.

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  1. Speaking of Army secrets, I learned yesterday from an Army public affairs officer that this year’s Unified Quest annual war game will be classified. This war game, which is conducted annually with US Joint Forces Command at the Army War College, has never been classified before. What gives?

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