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National Exercise Program Would Test Crisis Response

On January 26, 2007, the Deputies Committee of the National Security Council approved the establishment of a National Exercise Program (NEP) that would conduct management exercises to help senior government officials prepare for national crises from terrorism to natural disasters.

In a briefing last month (pdf), the Department of Homeland Security presented a proposed Five Year Schedule for the NEP.

Proposed exercises would model government responses to a nuclear weapons accident, pandemic influenza, Olympic terrorism, IED and MANPADS attacks, and other emergency scenarios.

Cabinet officers and other senior officials would be required to participate in five such exercises annually.

See the Department of Homeland Security briefing on the National Exercise Program, March 8, 2007 (For Official Use Only).

See also “Exercise Synchronization Working Group and NEP Implementation Plan Update and Way Ahead” (pdf), Joint Chiefs of Staff, 5-6 March 2007.

Thanks to Nemo at Entropic Memes.

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  1. Can’t we require, that the government (Leavitt) tells us their (subjective) panflu-probability estimates? They refuse to do so.
    Influenza virus-sequences are kept secret and flu-research results are often only published after years.
    I.e. the military may have additional secret information which makes them to urge us to prepare but without data people ignore it.

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