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The website, sponsored by the National Security Archive, has produced a splendid new catalog of freedom of information laws in some 60 countries around the world, with links to underlying statutes and related background information (flagged by

“For the first time, the National Archives and Records Administration has made available online more than 400,000 State Department telegrams and other records for 1973 and 1974,” according to a NARA news release yesterday.

Secrecy News has been named “resource of the week” (thanks) by, which provides a daily survey of news, documents and tools for information professionals.

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  1. I enjoy your site and refer it to my friends. I find myself using some of the information that you post. I also think that you should receive some feedback about what you are posting, not to discourage you from posting information but as a matter of information.
    When I was in the business of keeping what I was doing confidential I went to a particular court juridiction to get a search warrant. The targets of the warrants simply stayed informed as to my arrival at a particlular court and they would flee the particluar location they were at. We joked about future meetings which we decided to have at the local Burger King.
    Identifying the FISA court judges or publiczing their identity could be used in a similar fashion. A surveillance on the location they use for court would yield similar and substantially damaging information.
    I’m afraid that we are underestimating the the resourcefulness of the people that are trying to harm us. just as we did when we were combating organized crime.

    Bob Cerra
    Massachusetts State Police (Ret)

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