22 June 1994



     The following has been received from the Special Commission set up under

Security Council resolution 687 (1991) in connection with the disposal of

Iraq's weapons of mass destruction:

     The activities of the Chemical Destruction Group at Muthanna were

concluded on 14 June.  This brought to a successful end a unique multinational

undertaking, fulfilling the Commission's mandate to eliminate Iraq's declared

chemical weapons stockpile and doing so expeditiously, at minimal expense, and

with no damage to the environment.

     This was a two-year operation, involving some 100 experts from 23

countries, in the course of which the following were destroyed:  over

480,000 litres of chemical warfare agents (including mustard agent and the

nerve agents sarin and tabun); over 28,000 chemical munitions (involving eight

types of munitions ranging from rockets, to artillery shells, to bombs, to

ballistic missile warheads); and nearly 1.8 million litres, over 1,040,000

kilograms and 648 barrels of some 45 different precursor chemicals for the

production of chemical warfare agents.

     Two Chemical Weapons inspection teams were deployed to Iraq between

31 May and 14 June in order to make a final assessment of the status of the

Commission's chemical destruction operations at Al Muthanna.

     The aims of the inspection activities were to confirm that the

destruction of declared chemical warfare agents, their precursors and certain

production equipment was complete and to confirm that those areas of the site

used for the destruction operations had been left in a safe and acceptable

manner.  At the end of the inspection activities, responsibility for the site

was formally handed back to the Iraqi authorities.

     The inspection teams carried out a joint survey of the former Al Muthanna

State establishment with Iraqi representatives and provided them with complete

documentation of all destruction activities carried out by the Chemical

Destruction Group over the past two years.  One inspection team conducted a


                                     - 2 -            Press Release IK/171

                                                      22 June 1994

detailed scientific survey of those areas involved in the destruction

activities and provided real-time analysis on site of samples taken during the


     Upon completion of the mission, both inspection temas were able to report

that, in those areas of the site involved with the destruction operation, no

significant level of chemical contamination could be detected and that all

destruction activities at Al Muthanna were complete.  At a formal meeting held

on the morning of 13 June in Baghdad, the hand-over protocols were signed by

representatives of the Commission and Iraq.

     The Chemical Destruction Group left Iraq on 14 June and was disbanded in

Bahrain on 16 June.  The Commission, however, shall continue to visit the site

as part of its ongoing monitoring and verification activities, as required

under Security Council resolution 715 (1991).

     THe Commission wishes to pay a special tribute to the international

experts and Iraqi personnel who brought this operation to such a successful


                                    * *** *