Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

X 1reactor, 2aircraft symbol – experimental or research, 3[JP 1-02] initial position error

X ray energetic high-frequency electromagnetic radiation

X-2 [AR 310-50] preliminary name for Spartan

X-3 [AR 310-50] preliminary name for high-performance Spartan

X-MIL extra military expense

X.500 standard which defines electronic mail directory services (mostly used in Europe)

X/Q relative concentration

X25 network access protocol

X2B hexadecimal to binary [REXX]

X2C hexadecimal to character [REXX]

X2D hexadecimal to decimal [REXX]

XA 1extended architecture, 2extended attribute

XACT X automatic code translation

XAPIA X.400 Application Program Interface Association

XBT expendable bath-thermograph

XC cross country

XCHG exchange

XCMD external command

XCO crystal-controlled oscillator

XCONN cross connection

XCOPY extended copy

XCVR [JP 1-02] transceiver

XDC [AR 310-50] control center for Nike-X system

XDCR transducer

XDF extended density format [IBM]

XDIN communications subsystem of IMAPS

XDP X-ray density probe

XDR 1external data representation, 2extended data representation

XEG X-ray emission gauge

XFCN external function

xfmr transformer

XGA extended graphics array [IBM]

XHV extreme high vacuum

XID exchange identifier

XIDB [USAF] Extended Integrated Database (for the MIDB System)

XIOS extended input/output system

XLAT translate

XLAU extended limited AUTODIN upgrade

XLM Excel Macro Language [Microsoft]

XMFR transformer

XMI XTendbus multibus Interface

xmit [AR 310-50] transmit

XMIT 1transmit, 2General Purpose Message Transmission System (USAFE)

XML Extensible Markup Language [Internet]

XMM extended memory manager [LIM/AST]

XMS extended memory specification

xmsn [AR 310-50] transmission

XMSN transmission

XMTD transmitted

XMTG transmitting

XMTL transmittal

xmtr [AR 310-50] transmitter

XMTR transmitter

XNS Xerox Network System (protocol)

XO 1executive officer, 2crystal oscillator, 3exactly once, 4exchange point, 5executive office, 6[AR 310-50] expenditure order

XOFF transmitter off

XON transmitter on

XOR exclusive OR (also EOR)

XOS experimental operating system

XPDR transponder

XPG X/Open Portability Guide

XPL explosive

XPP xyvision production publisher

XPRM Xerox Print Resources Manager [Xerox]

XPT cross point

xref cross-reference.

XREF cross-reference

XRL [AR 310-50] Extended Range LANCE

XRM X-ray microanalyzer

XRPM X-ray projection microscope

XRT extensions for real-time

XSB [JP 1-02] barrier single unit

XSECT cross section

XSMD extended storage module drive (interface)

XSSI extended server side includes

XT crosstalk

xstr [AR 310-50] transistor

xtal [AR 310-50] crystal

XTAL crystal

XTCLK external transmit clock

XTEL cross tell

XTS cross-tell simulator

XUTI LISP utility program

XUV extreme ultraviolet

XWAVE extraordinary wave

XWD X Window dump

XYrDev [AR 310-50] ten year device

XYZCOMS Xyz Communication System