Index Military Acronyms, Initialisms, and Abbreviations

T 1tera- [prefix], 2transformer, 3aircraft symbol- trainer, 4trillion, 5[JP 1-02] search time available, 6[JP 1-02] trackline pattern, 7[JP 1-02] ton (short)

T plan test plan

T PROC test procedure specification

T&A 1transcription and analysis, 2time and attendance [card or unit], 3test and adjustment

T&C tracking and communication

T&D 1training and development, 2test and diagnostic, 3transmission and distribution

T&DE [JP 1-02] test and diagnostic equipment

T&E test and evaluation

T&EO training and evaluation outline

T&M time and materials

T&O test and operation

T&P transportation and packaging

T&TW test and training wing

T&W targeting and weaponeering

T-33A Shooting Star

T-38A Talon

T-41 Mescalero

T-ACS [JP 1-02] tactical auxiliary crane ship

T-AGOS [JP 3-07.4] tactical auxiliary general ocean surveillance

T-AH [JP 1-02] hospital ship

T-AKR [JP 1-02] fast logistics ship

T-ASA television audio support activity

T-CAN transportation – capability assessment net

T-CON Training Constraints Aid

T-day [JP 1-02] effective day coincident with Presidential declaration of a national emergency and authorization of partial mobilization

T-H [AR 310-50] trans-hydro

T-HOST WWMCCS® transportable host (USCENTCOM)

T-MI training-modeling integration

T-MIL transportation – mini information library

T-MUX terminal multiplexer

T-net [JP 1-02] training net

T-RAP TRADOC Remedial Action Program

T-SCRC TEMPEST Small Computer Requirements Contract

T-VIT tactical video imaging terminal

T/B top and bottom

t/c thickness/chord ratio

T/I TPFDD interface

T/O 1take off, 2[JP 1-02] table of organization

T/R transmit/receive

T/RIA telemetry/range instrumented aircraft

T/V 1threat/vulnerability, 2[JP 1-02] tank vessel

T/W thrust / weight ratio

T.O. [JP 1-02] technical order

T1 A commercial circuit with a transmission rate of 1.544 Mbps.

T2 [JP 2-01.2] technology transfer

T2A total terrain avionics

T2C3 1tactical command, control, and communications, 2theater command, control, and communications

T2IWG teamed test integration working group

T3 Joint Military Intelligence Training Center’s Train-the-Trainer Program

T4C termination for convenience

T4D termination for default

TA 1transportability approval, 2target area, 3target acquisition, 4target audience, 5target [vacuum tube], 6technical advisor, 7turbulence amplifier, 8table of allowances, 9target analysis, 10terrain avoidance, 11theater army, 12time and attendance, 13traffic analysis, 14turnover agreement, 15technical assessment, 16traffic advisory, 17transition altitude,18table of allowances, 19target alert, 20technical analysis, 21technical architecture, 22type assistance

TA ATD target acquisition ATD

TA&CP [Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DODIIS)] Technology Assessment and Control Plan

TA&P theater assessments and planning (OSD)

TA/CE technical analysis/cost estimate

TA/CP technology assessment/control plan

TAA 1technical area advisor, 2total active aircraft authorization, 3total Army analysis [1996 – 2001], 4technical assistance agreement, 5Trade Agreement Act, 6[JP 1-02] tactical assembly area

TAAA total active aircraft authorization

TAABS [AR 310-50] The Automated Army Budget System

TAACOM 1theater army area command, 2Tank Automotive and Armament Command [Army]

TAACS Tactical Airlift Accomplishments and Commitments System (USAFE/MAC)

TAADS the Army Authorization Document System

TAADS-R the Army Authorization Document System – Redesign

TAADS(R) the Army Authorization Document System (Reddesigned)

TAAF test, analyze and fix

TAAI total active aircraft inventory

TAALS [AR 310-50] The Judge Advocate General Automated Army Legal System

TAAM [AR 310-50] transportation Army aviation maintenance

TAAN tactical aircrew alert net

TAAO time available at action office

TAARS [AR 310-50] The Army Ammunition Reporting System

TAAS three-axis attitude sensor

tab [AR 310-50] tabulate

TAB 1target acquisition battery, 2training aid booklet, 3technical abstract bulletin, 4technical advisory board, 5total allocated budget, 6[JP 1-02] tactical air base, 7[AR 310-50] target acquisition battalion

TAB-VEE hardened aircraft shelter half-round steel/concrete

TABBS Theater Allocation Buy Budget System

TABR targeted area background report

TABS terminal access to batch service

TABSIM tabulator simulator

TABSOL tabulator systems oriented language

TABSTONE target and background signal-to-noise emission

TABWS tactical air base weather system

tac 1[AR 310-50] tactic, 2[AR 310-50] tactical, 3[AR 310-50] tactics

TAC 1technical assistance contract, 2time-to-amplitude converter, 3Tactical Air Command, 4TRANSAC assembler compiler, 5transistorized automatic control, 6translator-assembler-compiler, 7trapped air cushion, 8terminal access controller, 9transportation account code,10tactical advanced computer, 11tactical air control, 12terminal access center, 13training, advising, and counseling, 14type of address code, 15[FM 101-5-1] tactical command post, 16[FM 101-5-1] tactical (artillery, naval gunfire, and close air support) (graphics), 17[AR 310-50] type of activity code

TAC CBITS TAC Computer-Based Instruction Training System

TAC CP tactical command post

TAC INTEL tactical intelligence

TAC PACERS peacetime analysis of the combat effectiveness of repairable spares (TAC)

TAC(A) [JP 1-02] tactical air coordinator (airborne)

TAC-RRS tactical remote receiving system

TAC-D tactical deception

TAC/TADS Tactical Air Control System/Tactical Air Defense System

TAC2 theater army command and control

TAC2IS Theater Army Command and Control Information System (Army)

TACA [AR 310-50] tactical air coordinator, airborne

TACAC [AR 310-50] theater army civil affairs command

TACACCIS TAC Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System

TACACPS Theater Army Construction Automated Planning System

TACACS TAC Access Control System (MILNET)

TACAIR tactical air

TACAIRCG tactical air control group

TACALS TAC Command and Control Alerting System

TACAMO take charge and move out [EC-130A and E-6A aircraft that relay communications with USN submarines]

TACAN tactical air navigation

TACAP Tactical Air Command Aircraft Profiler

TACAPS Theater Army Construction Automated Planning System

TACAWS the Army Combined Arms Weapon System

TACBEAMS TAC Base Engineering Automated Management System

TACBUS tactical asynchronous control bus system

TACC 1tactical air command center (USMC), 2tactical air control center (USN), 3Tanker Airlift Control Center [Scott AFB]

TACCAR time-averaged clutter-coherent airborne radar

TACCIMS Theater Army Command and Control Information Management System [Korea]

TACCO tactical coordinator [second crew member in some USN aircraft]

TACCP tactical command post

TACCS 1Tactical Army Combat Service Support Computer System, 2tactical command and control system

TACCS-K Theater Automated Command and Control System – Korea

TACCTA [AR 310-50] tactical commander's terrain analysis

TACD tactical deception

TACDEN tactical data entry device

TACDEW Tactical Advanced Combat Direction and Electronic Warfare Trainer

TACE 1technical analysis and cost estimate, 2transmission alarm and control equipment

TACELINT tactical electronic intelligence

TACELIS Tactical Emitter Location and Identification System

TACEVAL [NATO] tactical evaluation

TACF 1temporary alteration control form, 2tactical air control flight

TACFAX tactical digital facsimile

TACFDC [AR 310-50] tactical fire direction center

TACFIRE Tactical Fire Direction [Computer] System

TACG 1Tactical Air Command Guard, 2[AR 310-50] tactical air control group

TACGRU tactical air control group

TACH tachometer generator

TACIDN tactical information distribution network

TACIES 1Tactical Imagery Exploitation System, 2Tactical Intelligence Information Exchange Subsystem (USN)

TACINTEL tactical intelligence

TACITS Total Army Centralized Individual Training Solicitation

TACJAM Tactical Jamming System

TACJS Tactical Automatic Communications Jamming System

TACL 1time and cycle log, 2[AR 310-50] theater authorized consumption list

TACLOG 1[JP 1-02] tactical-logistical group, 2[AR 310-50] tactical-logistical group

TACM 1tactical missiles, 2[JP 1-02] Tactical Air Command Manual

TACMAR [AR 310-50] tactical multifunction array radar

TACMET TAC Forces Control Management System

TACMIS Tactical Management Information System (Army)

TACMS Tactical Missile System (USN)

TACNET 1TAC Force Control Management Network, 2tactical area communications network

TACNUC tactical nuclear weapons

TACO2 tactical communications protocol 2

TACODA target coordinate data

TACOL thinned aperture computed lens

TACOM 1tactical Army command, 2[Army] Tank – Automotive and Armament Command, Warren, MI, 3theater army command

TACOM-ACALA Tank – Automotive and Armament Command Armament and Chemical Acquisition and Logistic Activity

TACOM-EWS Tactical Communications Electronic Warfare System

TACOMM [AR 310-50] tactical communications

TACON tactical control

TACOPS tactical air combat operations

TACOR threat-assessment and control receiver

TACOS test and checkout satellites

TACP 1theater ammunition control point, 2tactical air control party (Air Force), 3technical analysis of cost proposal

TACPLAN tactical plan generation

TACPOL tactical procedure oriented language

TACR 1time and cycle record, 2TAC regulation, 3tactical reconnaissance

TACREP tactical report

TACRON tactical air control squadron

TACS 1tactical air control system, 2technical assignment control system, 3test assembly conditioning station, 4target acquisition and control system, 5Theater Air Control System (USAF), 6total access communication system, 7tactical area communications system, 8[AR 310-50] theater army communications

TACSAO Tactical Air Command Security Assistance Office

TACSAT tactical satellite

TACSATCOM tactical satellite communications

TACSCAN [TTPIO-ABCS] tactical scanner

TACSIM 1tactical simulation, 2tactical simulator

TACSIT tactical situation

TACSM tactical air combat simulation model

TACSOP [TTPIO-ABCS] tactical standing operating procedure

TACT 1the automated controller test, 2transistor and component tester, 3transonic aircraft technology, 4total audit concept technique, 5[JP 3-17] tactical aviation control team

TACTASS tactical towed array sonar

TACTEC totally advanced communications technology

TACTICS Tactical Information Control System

TACTICOS tactical information and command system

TACTICS tactical information control system

TACTRAGRULANT [JP 3-07.4] Tactical Training Group, Atlantic

TACTS Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System

TACV tracked air cushion vehicle

TACW tactical air control wing

TAD 1target audience description, 2top assembly drawing, 3temporary additional duty (USN), 4time available for delivery, 5telephone answering device, 6tactical air defense, 7tactical air direction, 8tactical computer unit, 9tactical control unit, 10tracking and communication unit (UAV), 11thermal cueing unit, 12target acquisition and designation, 13target assembly data, 14terrain analysis dataset, 15tracking control unit, 16trailing arm drive, 17turbo alternator drive, 18technology area descriptions, 19[JP 1-02] theater air defense

TADAR target acquisition, designation, and aerial reconnaissance

TADARS Target Acquisition, Designation and Reconnaissance System

TADB terrain analysis database

TADC tactical air direction center

TADDS target alert data display set

TADIL 1tactical digital information link, 2tactical automated data information link

TADIL-B Tactical Automated Data Information Link – B

TADIL-J Tactical Automated Data Information Link – J

TADIXS Tactical Data Information Exchange System [USN]

TADIXS-B Tactical Data Information Exchange System – Broadcast

TADLP [TR 350-70] Total Army Distance Learning Program

TADLP MP [TR 350-70] Total Army Distance Learning Program Master Plan

TADNET Test and Development Network (Army)

TADS 1training analysis data sheet, 2tactical automatic digital switching, 3typewriter automatic dispatch system, 4target acquisition and detection system, 5target acquisition and designation system

TADSS 1training aids, devices, simulators, and simulations, 2tactical automatic digital switching system, 3[JP 1-02] Tactical Air Defense System

TADV 1Designation for training development used in management decision packages (MDEP), 2[TR 350-70] (see also military definitions section).

TAEDP 1Total Army Equipment Distribution Plan, 2Total Army Equipment Distribution Program

TAEM terminal area energy management

TAES tactical aeromedical evacuation system

TAF 1tactical air forces, 2transatmospheric fighter

TAFCSD [AR 310-50] total active Federal commissioned service to date

TAFF test-analyze-and-fix

TAFFS [AR 310-50] The Army Functional Files System

TAFHUG tactical air forces tactical host upgrade

TAFIG Tactical Air Forces Interoperability Group (TAF)

TAFIIS Tactical Air Forces Integrated Information System (TAF)

TAFIM Technical Architecture Framework For Information Management (GCCS)

TAFMSD [AR 310-50] total active Federal military service to date

TAFS 1combat stores ship, 2terminal aerodrome forecast

TAFSM Target Acquisition Fire Support Model

TAFT 1technical assistance field team, 2test, analyze, fix, and test

TAFTRAMS TAC Automated Flying Training Management System

TAFWG Tactical Air Force working group

TAG 1the Adjutant General, 2transient analysis generator, 3technical advisory group, 4technical assistance group, 5tactical airlift group, 6topic area guide, 7troop action guidance, 8training advisory group, 9[CJCSI 6271.01] technical assessment group

TAGCEN [AR 310-50] United States Army Adjutant General Center

TAGD the adjutant general directorate

TAGO 1the Adjutant General Staff, 2[AR 310-50] The Adjutant General's Office

TAGS [TTPIO-ABCS] theater air ground system

TAHQ theater army headquarters

TAI 1TRADOC acquisition instruction, 2target areas of interest, 3time to autoignition, 4International Atomic Time, 5total active inventory, 6total aircraft inventory, 7[FM 101-5-1] targeted area of interest

TAIG test and analysis integration group

TAIRCG tactical air control group

TAIRCW tactical air control wing

TAIS 1Tactical Air Intelligence System, 2technology application information system, 3[TTPIO-ABCS] Tactical Airspace Integration System, 4[JP 4-01.7] Transportation Automated Information Systems

TAITC [TR 350-70] Total Army Instructor Training Course

TAJAG [AR 310-50] The Assistant Judge Advocate General

TAK 1trainer appraisal kit, 2[JP 1-02] cargo ship

TAL task assignment list

TALAR tactical landing approach radar

TALCE 1transportable airlift control element, 2[FM 101-5-1] tanker airlift control element

TALCM Tomahawk Air-Launched Cruise Missile

TALD 1tactical airborne laser designator, 2[JP 1-02] tactical air-launched decoy

TALI tactical analysis logistics information (obsolete, see LOGFAC)

TALI-WRM TALI – war readiness materiel

TALO 1tactical airlift liaison officer, 2[FM 101-5-1] theater airlift liaison officer

TALOG [AR 310-50] theater army logistical command

TALON theater application: launch on notice

TALSO theater army logistics system office

TAM 1telephone answering machine, 2tactical air meet, 3tactical airlift model, 4theater airlift manager

TAMA [AR 310-50] Training Aids Management Agency

TAMC [AR 310-50] training aids management office

TAMCA Theater Army Movement Control Agency

TAMCO [JP 1-02] Theater Army Movement Control Center

TAME 1Tactical Air-to-Air Mission Evaluation Model (AFSC), 2TEMPEST Advanced Multiplexer Equipment

TAMIS 1Training Ammunition Management Information System, 2telemetric automated microbial identification system

TAMMC [JP 1-02] Theater Army Material Management Command

TAMMIS Theater Army Medical Management Information System

TAMMS 1transportation movements management system, 2The Army Maintenance Management System

TAMP 1Tactical Air Missile Program, 2Theater Army Maintenance Program

TAMPS Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System

TAMR telecommunication assessment monitoring report

TAMS 1Training Ammunition Management System, 2Test and Monitoring System (USN), 3Theater Airlift Management System (MAC), 4Termination Automated Management System

TAMSCO Technical and Management Service Corporation

TAN 1test advisory notice, 2transaction number

tanalt [JP 1-02] tangent altitude

TANDEM the Charleston Mainframe

tanh hyperbolic tangent

TANK [USN] tanker

TANS tactical air navigation system

TANSTAAFL there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch

TAO 1tactical action officer, 2technical assistance order, 3track at once [computer storage]

TAOC 1tactical air operations center (USMC), 2[AR 310-50] The Army Operations Center

TAOM tactical air operations module

TAOR tactical area of responsibility

TAP 1The Army Plan, 2thermal analyzer program, 3terminal applications package, 4time-sharing assembly program, 5target analysis and planning system, 6target approach point, 7technical acceptance plan, 8telelocator alphanumeric protocol, 9transition assistance program, 10team acquisition process, 11[JP 1-02] troopship

TAP-IT telephonic automated produce information technology

TAPA Total Army Personnel Activity

TAPAC 1tape automatic positioning and control, 2[AR 310-50] Transportation, Allocations, Priorities, and Control (Committee)

TAPAT technology application process action team

TAPC-PLM Total Army Personnel Command

TAPCIS the Access Program for the CompuServe Information Service

TAPDB Total Army Personnel Data Base

TAPDB-AE Total Army Personnel Data Base – Active Enlisted

TAPDB-AO Total Army Personnel Data Base – Active Officer

TAPDB-MOB Total Army Personnel Data Base – Mobilization Data Base

TAPE tape automatic preparation equipment

TAPER 1the Army Personnel Roll-Up System, 2[AR 310-50] temporary appointment pending establishment of register

TAPES 1tactical automated planning and engineering system, 2Total Army Performance Evaluation System, 3Total Army Personnel Evaluation System

TAPFOR [AR 310-50] the Army portion of force status and identity report (FORSTAT)

TAPI telephony applications programming interface

TAPM technology application program management

TAPP two-axis pneumatic pickup

TAPR training activity program/report

TAPS 1target acquisition predictor study, 2tactical area positioning system, 3terrain analysis production system, 4tracking and positioning system, 5turboalternator power system

TAQ total Army quality

TAR 1tape archive [UNIX command], 2technical assistance request, 3terrain-avoidance radar, 4trajectory analysis room, 5tactical air reconnaissance, 6threat assessment report, 7tactical air request, 8threat-avoidance receiver, 9[JP 1-03.17] training and administration of the Reserve, 10[AR 310-50] technical action request

TARA 1technology area review and assessment, 2technology assessment/requirement analysis

TARABS [AR 310-50] tactical air reconnaissance and aerial battlefield surveillance

TARADCOM Tank – Automotive Research and Development Command

TARAN tactical attack radar and navigation

TARC 1[AR 310-50] The Army Research Council, 2[AR 310-50] theater army replacement command

TARCAP target combat air patrol

TARCOM [AR 310-50] United States Army Tank - Automotive Command

TARDEC Tank Automotive Research and Development Center (Army)

TARE 1telemetry automatic reduction equipment, 2telegraph automatic relay equipment (NATO), 3[JP 1-02] tactical record evaluation

TARES Tactical Reconnaissance Evaluation System (TAF)

TAREWS Tactical Air Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Support (USAF)

TAREX 1target exploitation, 2[JP 1-02] target plans and operations

TARFU things are really fouled up

TARG telescoped ammunition revolver gun

TARGET/DCP Theater Analysis and Replanning Graphical Execution Toolkit/Distributed Collaborative Planning (GCCS)

TARH terminal active radar guidance

TARMAC terminal area radar moving aircraft

TARMOCS [AR 310-50] The Army Operations Center System

TARMOS tactical radio monitoring system

TARP 1theater army rebuild program, 2technical assistance research program

TARPS tactical aerial reconnaissance pod system

TARRS Tactical Air Reconnaissance Reporting System

TARS 1terrain and radar simulator, 2three-axis reference system, 3tactical aerial reconnaissance and surveillance needs, 4Tethered Aerostat Radar System, 5Tactical Air Reconnaissance System, 6tactical air reconnaissance/surveillance, 7transportation automated routing system, 8terrain avoidance radar system, 9[AR 310-50] theater army replacement system

TART twin accelerator ring transfer

TARTC [AR 310-50] theater army replacement and training command

TAS 1target audience soldier, 2tactical automatic switch, 3temperature actuated switch, 4target acquisition system, 5technical area specialist, 6terminal access system, 7telephone access server, 8tactical airlift squadron, 9targeting avionics sensor, 10tracking adjunct system, 11true airspeed [EAS corrected for density appropriate to altitude], 12transportation addressing subsystem, 13train alert shelter, 14[AR 310-50] (The) Army Staff

TASA 1task and skills analysis, 2total aircraft status accounting (system), 3television audio support activity

TASAMS [AR 310-50] The Army Supply and Maintenance System

TASC 1training audiovisual support centers, 2terminal area sequence and control, 3The Analytic Sciences Corporation, 4theater ADP service center, 5touch-activated simulator control

TASCAM 1tactical aerial system model, 2Tactical Airlift System Comparative Analysis Model (MAC)

TASCFORM Technique for Assessing Comparative Force Modernization

TASCID [JP 1-02] tactical Automatic Digital Network (AUTODIN) satellite compensation interface device

TASCO [JP 1-02] tactical automatic switch control officer

TASCON television automatic sequence control

TASCS Training Analysis Support Computer System

TASDAC Tactical Secure Data Communications system (USAF)

TASE 1tactical air support element, 2threat assessment support environment

TASES 1tactical airborne signal exploitation space (USN), 2tactical airborne signal exploitation system (USN)

TASG technical architecture steering group

TASI time assignment speech interpolation

TASIG target and simulation image generator

TASIP [JP 1-02] tailored analytic intelligence support to individual electronic warfare and command and control warfare projects

TASK turnaround spare kit

TASL [AR 310-50] theater authorized stockage list

TASM 1Tomahawk Antiship Missile, 2turbo assembler [Borland], 3Tomahawk Anti-shipping Missile, 4[TTPIO-ABCS] tactical air-to-surface missile

TASMO tactical air support of maritime operations

TASO 1terminal area security officer, 2[AR 310-50] training and audiovisual support officer

TASOSC [JP 1-02] Theater Army Special Operations Support Command

TASP [AR 310-50] The Army Studies Program

TASR telecommunication assessment survey report

TASS 1Total Army School System, 2tactical air support system, 3towed array sonar system, 4tactical air support squadron, 5tactical air-to-surface system, 6Tactical Analysis Support System (TAC), 7tactical signal simulator, 8telegraph automatic switching system, 9[JP 1-02] tactical automated switch system, 10[AR 310-50] tactical air support section, 11[AR 310-50] The Army Study System

TASSCA Total Army School System Coordinating Activity


TASSET total asset

TASSO [AR 310-50] tactical special security office

TASTA [AR 310-50] the administrative support theater army

TASTG tactical air support training group

TASWIT 1tactical advanced simulated warfare integrated trainer, 2tactical anti-submarine warfare interim trainer

TAT 1to accompany troops, 2turnaround time, 3transportation and ammunition tracking, 4technical assistance team, 5[JP 3-07.4] tactical analysis team

TATAWS [AR 310-50] tank-antitank/assault weapons requirements study

TATC 1terminal air-traffic control, 2transatlantic telephone cable

TATR tactical air target recommender

TATS 1tactical assessment teams, 2Total Army Training System, 3tactical airlift training squadron

TATSA [AR 310-50] transportation aviation test and support

TATSS [TR 350-70] TRADOC Automated Training Scheduling System

TAU terminal access unit

TAUG temperature average

TAV 1total asset visibility (GCCS), 2trans-atmospheric vehicle

TAVB [JP 1-02] aviation logistics support ship

TAW 1tactical airlift wing, 2[JP 1-02] tactical air wing

TAWAR tactical all-weather attack requirements

TAWC Tactical Air Warfare Center (Eglin AFB)

TAWDS 1Transportable Automated Weather Distribution System (AWDS), 2target acquisition weapon delivery system, 3Tactical Automated Weather Distribution System

TAWG 1threat accreditation working group, 2threat assessment working group

TAWS [AR 310-50] tactical warfare center

TAXI transparent asynchronous transceiver/receiver interface

Tb tablespoon

TB 1technical bulletin, 2terminal board, 3time base, 4transmitter-blocker [cell], 5terabyte (1,024 gigabytes), 6[AR 310-50] troop basis, 7[AR 310-50] tuberculosis

TBA 1to be announced, 2theater battle arena, 3to be advised, 4to be arranged, 5[AR 310-50] to be activated

TBAN [AR 310-50] to be announced

TBAX tube axial

TBBS the bread board system (BBS)

TBC 1toss bomb computer, 2transportation bill code

TBD 1to be determined, 2target-bearing designator, 3to be developed, 4time/bearing display, 5to be decided, 6[AR 310-50] terminal border defense

TBEP Training Base Expansion Plan (TRADOC)

TBESC Technical Base Executive Steering Committee (Army)

TBG TRADOC budget guidance

TBGA tape ball grid array

TBGTA [AR 310-50] travel by Government transportation authorized

TBI 1target-bearing indicator, 2[AR 310-50] to be activated

TbIG terbium iron garnet

TBIM trigger based item management

TBIP Tomahawk Baseline Improvement Program

TBL [AR 310-50] through bill of lading

TBM 1training baseline materials, 2tactical ballistic missile, 3theater battle management, 4theater ballistic missile

TBMCS [CJCSI 6271.01] Theater Battle Management Core System

TBMD 1Tactical Ballistic Missile Defense, 2[AR 310-50] terminal ballistic missile defense

TBMT Trailblazer Maintenance Trainer

TBN to be notified

TBO 1time between overhauls, 2transaction by other

TBOI [AR 310-50] tentative basis of issue

TBP 1to be printed, 2[JP 1-02] to be published

TBPDD technology base project definition document

TBS task breakdown structure

TBSL [JP 1-02] to be supplied later

TBTC [JP 1-02] Transportable Blood Transshipment Center

TBU tape backup unit

TBX tactical ballistic missile experiment

TC 1training circular, 2Transportation Corps, 3technical coordinator, 4type classification [Army], 5Transportation Center and School, 6tactical computer, 7tantalum capacitor, 8technical committee, 9test conductor, 10technical control, 11test console, 12temperature coefficient, 13temperature compensating, 14terminal computer, 15test case specification, 16thermocouple, 17thermocurrent, 18thrust chamber, 19time constant, 20timed closing, 21tracking camera, 22transmission control, 23[NATO] transit corridor, 24transfer channel, 25transition components (WIS), 26transportation coordinator, 27test control, 28traffic control, 29training camp, 30training center, 31target complete, 32type certificate, 33[JP 1-02] tidal current, 34[JP 1-02] transmit clock, 35[JP 1-02] telemetry combiner, 36[AR 310-50] technical characteristics, 37[AR 310-50] transaction code, 38[AR 310-50] trial counsel

TC&E training control and evaluation

TC-ACCIS Transportation Coordinator's Automated Command and Control Information System (DCA)

TC-AIMS [JP 1-02] Transportation Coordinator's Automated Information for Movements System (NAVSUP)

TC/LD thermocouple/lead detector

TC2-21 21st Century Tactical Command and Control Study (AFSC)

TC2S Transportation Command and Control System

TC4 Transportable Command and Control Computer Center (Army)

TCA 1TRADOC Contracting Activity, 2tactical combat aircraft, 3terminal control area, 4target class assessment, 5time of closest approach, 6traditional CINC activities

TCAAP [AR 310-50] Twin Cities Ammunition Plant

TCAC 1technical control and analysis center, 2tactical collection and analysis center, 3tactical control and analysis center

TCAC(D) Technical Control and Analysis Center (Division) (Army)

TCACCIS Transportation Coordinator Automated Command and Control Information System

TCAE Technical Control and Analysis Element [SSP-S and ASAS progenitor]

TCAI tutorial computer-assisted instruction

TCAIMS Transportation Coordinator's Automated Information for Movements System

TCAIMS II [JP 4-01.7] Transportation Coordinator's Automated Information for Movement System II

TCAM threat condition alerting message

TCAS 1technical control and analysis section (Army), 2Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System

TCAT test coverage analysis tool

TCATA TRADOC Combined Arms Test Activity

TCB 1trouble came back, 2task control blocks, 3technical coordinator bulletin, 4transmission control block, 5trusted computer base

TCC 1TRADOC commander’s conference, 2technical computing center, 3test control center, 4temperature coefficient of capacitance, 5test controller console, 6transfer channel control, 7transportation component command, 8transmission control codes, 9transport control center, 10telecommunication center, 11traffic control center, 12telecommunications control center, 13transportation coordination center, 14[AR 310-50] transportation control card, 15[AR 310-50] troop carrier command

TCC Upgrade Telecommunication Center AUTODIN Terminal Equipment Replacement and Upgrade Program

TCC(A) Theater Communications Command (Army)

TCCC theater communications control center

TCCCS tactical command, control, and communication systems

TCCF Tactical Communications Control Facility (TRI-TAC)

TCCP 1telecommunications command control projects, 2telecommunications command control program

TCCPSWG [AR 310-50] tactical command and control procedures standardization working group

TCCS 1ticket consignment control sheet, 2Tomahawk Command and Control Subsystem

TCD 1telemetry and command data, 2transistor-controlled delay, 3tactical control director, 4[TTPIO-ABCS] tactical communications diagram

TCDC tactical commanders development course

TCDIS Transportation Coordinator Deployment Information System (JDA)

TCE 1terminal control element, 2thermal coefficient of expansion

TCEM [JP 4-04] theater contingency engineering management

TCF 1tactical combat force, 2technical control facility, 3test control facility, 4[AR 310-50] troop carrier forces

TCFC TRANSEC communications front-end controller

TCG 1threat coordinating group, 2tune-controlled gain, 3tactical control group, 4target constant generation, 5time code generator, 6technical coordination group

TCHTG 1technology training group, 2technical training group

TCI 1telemetry components information, 2terrain clearance indicator, 3target class identification, 4time change item, 5total cost input

TCIM tactical communications interface module

TCIO task control and information office

TCIP 1technical control improvement program, 2technical control system improvement, 3control technician improvement plan

TCJ tactical communications jamming

TCL 1time and cycle log, 2tool command language

TCLAS [AR 310-50] type classification

TCLSC [AR 310-50] theater COMSEC logistic support center

TCM 1terminal-to-computer multiplexer, 2terminal control mechanism, 3time compression multiplexing, 4trellis-coded modulation, 5technical content manager, 6technical coordination meeting, 7[JP 1-02] theater construction manager

TCMD transportation control movement document

TCMF touch calling multifrequency

TCMP 1transportation control and movement plan, 2test capability master plan

TCN 1transportation control number, 2transparent content negotiation [Internet], 3third country national

TCO 1Tactical Combat Operations System (USMC), 2technical control operator, 3telecommunications certification office, 4telecommunications control office, 5telephone control officer (USAF), 6termination contracting office, 7total cost of ownership, 8termination contracting officer, 9test control officer, 10[AR 310-50] tactical control officer

TCOSS Technical Control Operations Support System

TCOT tactical control operations teams

TCP 1technical cooperation program, 2[GRCS] Time Code Processor, 3tactical computer processor, 4transmission control protocol (MIL-STD-1778) [MSE], 5test checkout procedure, 6traffic control post, 7Tactical Cryptologic Program, 8task change proposal, 9telecommunications protocol, 10transport control protocol, 11TEX Code Page, 12TDATS control panel, 13transmission control program, 14task change proposal, 15technical coordination program, 16[AR 310-50] traffic control point

TCP/IP transmission control protocol/ Internet protocol

TCPI to complete performance index

tcr [AR 310-50] transceiver

TCR 1TRADOC Capabilities Report, 2training capabilities report, 3technical control rebuild 4temperature coefficient of resistance, 5[AR 310-50] Transportation Corps release

TCRP Tactical Command Readiness Program (USAREUR)

TCS 1telephone conference summary, 2terminal count sequence, 3troop carrier squadron, 4termal conditioning service, 5terminal countdown sequencer, 6traffic control station, 7transportation and communications service, 8Tactical Command System (USN), 9tactical computer system, 10tactical control squadron, 11theater communications system, 12television camera system, 13target control set, 14television camera set, 15trajectory control sensor, 16trusted computer system, 17telecommunication specialist, 18[AR 310-50] temporary change of station

TCSC 1trainer control and simulation computer, 2technological cooperation subcommittee

TCSEC trusted computer system evaluation criteria (DoD)

TCSP 1technical control systems program, 2technical support

TCSS 1technical control software support, 2telecommunications service system

TCSTS tactical communications systems technical standards

TCT 1tactical computer terminal, 2translator and code treatment frame, 3tactical commander's terminal, 4total contract training, 5total contractor training

TCTC [AR 310-50] Transportation Corps Technical Committee

TCTM [AR 310-50] aircraft time compliance technical

TCTO time compliance technical order

TCTS 1tactical communications systems technical standards, 2tactical combat training system

TCU 1transportable computer unit [CHS –2], 2tape control unit, 3teletypewriter control unit, 4transit control unit, 5transmission control unit, 6transportation control unit, 7tactical communications system, 8[TTPIO-ABCS] tactical computer unit

TCV 1temperature control valve, 2terminal configured vehicle, 3[AR 310-50] troop carrying vehicle

TCW tactical control wing

TCWG 1tactical communications working group, 2telecommunications working group

TCXO 1temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, 2temperature controlled crystal oscillator

TD 1training developer, 2training development, 3training device, 4tank division, 5tabular data, 6temperature differential, 7terminal distributor, 8test design specification, 9testing device, 10thoria dispersed, 11time delay, 12transfer dolly, 13transmit data, 14transmitter distributor, 15tunnel diodes, 16table of distribution, 17technical data,18tactical deception, 19tactical doctrine, 20tank destroyer, 21technology demonstration, 22target designator, 23test director, 24technical director, 25target detector, 26temperature datum, 27test description, 28test directive, 29[JP 1-02] total drift, 30[JP 1-02] timing distributor, 31[JP 1-02] transmit data

TD&E tactics development and evaluation

TD/CMS technical data/configuration management system

TD/MOT test directive/method of test

TDA 1training device annex, 2table(s) of distribution and allowance(s), 3tactical decision aids, 4target docking adapter, 5tracking and data acquisition, 6tunnel diode amplifier, 7target damage assessment, 8tactical decision aids (AWS), 9table of distribution and authorization, 10theater defense architecture

TDAA [TR 350-70] training development and analysis activity

TDAC 1training data analysis center, 2TENCAP Data Analyst Course, 3tactical data acquisition and correlation

TDAD 1training development and analysis directorate, 2[JP 1-02] table of distribution and allowance (TDA) designation

TDAMTB [AR 310-50] TDA mobilization troop basis

TDAP 1training development action plan, 2total distribution action plan, 3technology development and acquisition program

TDAPWG test data acquisition and processing working group

TDAT TENCAP Data Analyst Trainer

TDATS target detection, acquisition, and tracking system

TDB 1technical database, 2terrain database, 3theater defense brigades

TDBM [JP 1-02] technical data base management

TDC 1thermal diffusion coefficient, 2time delay closing, 3technical development center, 4two-dimensional finite-cylinder transport code for computer, 5time distance calculator (JCS), 6transportation data channel, 7tactical display console, 8target designator control

TDCA 1tactical deployment and control aircraft, 2tactical deployment coordination aircraft

TDCC transportation data coordinating committee

TDCM transistor driver core memory

TDCO torpedo data computer operator

TDCS traffic data collection system

TDD 1technical data digest, 2test design description, 3target detection device, 4telecommunications device for the deaf, 5[JP 1-02] target desired ground zero (DGZ) designator

TDD/SP top down design and structured programming

TDDL time division data link

TDDS TRAP Data Dissemination System

TDE 1terminal display editor, 2test design engineer

TDECC tactical display and engagement control console

TDES tactical data encryption system

TDF 1task deletion form, 2two-degre-of-freedom, 3tactical digital facsimile

TDFR training device fabrication request

TDFS [AR 310-50] terminal digit fitting system

TDG test date generator

TDHGA [AR 310-50] travel of dependents and household goods authorized

TDI 1transport device interface, 2transport driver interface [Microsoft WinNT], 3target data inventory, 4time delay and integration, 5triple display indicator, 6trusted data interpretation, 7tamper detection indicator, 8toluene di isocyanate

TDIC [JP 1-02] time division interface controller

TDICMS redesign of technical data/configuration management system

TDIG [JP 1-02] time division interface group

TDIM [JP 1-02] time division interface module

TDIP [AR 310-50] total disability income provisions

TDIS [AR 310-50] time distance

TDL 1transition documentation library, 2tunnel-diode logic, 3tactical data link, 4technical data library

TDLPS tactical data link processing system

TDLR [AR 310-50] training device letter requirement

TDLRP training development long range plan

TDLS tactical delta loop system

TDM 1time division multiplexer, 2technical document management, 3time division multiplexing, 4termination decision model, 5[JP 1-02] time division multiplexed

TDMA time division multiple access

TDMF [JP 1-02] time division matrix function

TDMM [JP 1-02] time division memory module

TDMP technical data management program

TDMS 1telegraph distortion measurement set, 2time-shared data management system, 3terminal display management system

TDMTB [AR 310-50] TD mobilization troop basis

TDMX [JP 1-02] time division matrix

TDN target doppler nullifier

TDNS training device needs statement

TDO time delay opening

TDOA 1time difference of arrival, 2time delay of arrival

TDOA/DD time difference of arrival/differential doppler

TDOP 1Total DCS Operations Plan (DCA), 2tactical deception officers (TAF)

TDOS tape/disk operating system

TDP 1training development plan, 2test design plan, 3technical data package, 4technical development plan, 5technology development program, 6telelocator data protocol, 7target data panel, 8technology demonstrator program, 9[AR 310-50] target director post

TDPA tactical deception planning analyzer

TDPFO temporary duty pending further order

TDPL technical data package list

TDPM training device program manager

TDPMIS technical data package materiel information system

TDPMP technical data package management plan

TDR 1training device requirement, 2time domain reflectometer, 3technical data relay, 4target discrimination radar, 5technical data report, 6time delay relay, 7time domain reflectometry, 8torque differential receiver, 9traffic distribution record, 10target data receiver, 11traffic distribution record, 12teardown deficiency report, 13test data report, 14transportation discrepancy report

TDRL [AR 310-50] temporary disability retired list

TDRRC training device requirements review committee

TDRS tracking and data relay satellite (NASA)

TDRSS tracking and data relay satellite system (NASA)

TDS 1tactical data system, 2training development study, 3target designation system, 4technical data system, 5test data sheet, 6time-domain spectroscopy, 7tape duplication system [ODT], 8tracking and data system, 9translation and docking simulator, 10transaction driven system, 11technical documentation standard, 12tactical data station (ESD), 13target designation sight, 14total distribution system, 15time distribution system, 16[TR 350-70] training device study

TDSB test data scoring board

TDSC Tinker Data Services Center

TDSG [JP 1-02] time division switching group

TDSGM [JP 1-02] time division switching group modified

TDSM time division switching matrix

TDSP top down structured programming

TDSQ training development squadron

TDSR transmitter data service request

TDSS 1TRADOC Decision Support System, 2training devices, simulators, and simulation

TDT 1target designator transmitter, 2tactical data terminal, 3[CJCSI 3222.01] theater display terminal

TDTC test, development, and training center

TDTG true date time group

TDtoDP tablet coordinates to display coordinates (converting)

TDU 1threat display unit, 2tactical display unit, 3terminal display unit, 4time delay unit

TDV technology development vehicle

TDW training development workload

TDWM training development workload management

TDWP training development workload planner

TDWP-ASAT Training Development Workload Planner – Automated Systems Approach To Training

TDX thermal demand transmitter

TDY temporary duty

TDZ total danger zone

TE 1test equipment, 2training emphasis, 3test and evaluation, 4task element, 5training effectiveness, 6thermal element, 7tactical exploitation, 8thermal expansion load, 9thermoelectric, 10totally enclosed, 11transverse electric [field], 12technical evaluation, 13terminal equipment,14tactical evaluation, 15tangent elevation, 16trailing edge, 17test engineer

TE-UAV Tactical Endurance – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

TE/2 terminal emulator/2 [Oberon]

TEA 1training effectiveness analysis, 2transferred electron amplifier, 3tunnel-emission amplifier, 4transversly-excited atmospheric [lasers], 5test environmental assessment, 6transportability engineering analysis, 7[JP 4-01.2] Transportation Engineering Agency

TEAC [AR 310-50] turbine engine analysis check

TEAD [AR 310-50] Toole Army Depot

TEAM 1test, evaluation, analysis, and modeling, 2technique for evaluation and analysis of maintainability

TEAMS 1test evaluation and monitoring system, 2Tactical EA6B Mission Planning System

TEAMUP [AR 310-50] Test, Evaluation, Analysis, and Management Uniformity Plan

TEAR transportability engineering analysis report

TEAS technical and engineering acquisition support

TEB 1tactical exploitation battalion, 2technical evaluation board, 3thread environment block, 4[FM 101-5-1] tactical exploitation brigade

TEBE [TR 350-70] tests of adult basic education

TEC 1Topographic Engineering Center, 2training extension course (obsolete), 3tactical electromagnetic coordinator, 4total estimated cost, 5task element commander, 6monitor terminal equipment configuration, 7test and evaluation center

TECDOC technical documentation

TECG test and evaluation coordination group

tech 1technical, 2[AR 310-50] technician

TECH INTEL technical intelligence

TECH REP technical representative

TECHCON [FM 101-5-1] technical control

TECHDOC 1technical document, 2[JP 1-02] technical documentation

TECHEVAL technical evaluation [Navy]

TECHINT technical intelligence

TECHMOD technology modernization

TECMUS Tactical Electronic Countermeasures Upgrade System

TECNET the Test and Evaluation Community Network

TECO test and evaluation coordination officer

TECOM United States Army Test and Evaluation Command

TECR [AR 310-50] technical requirement

TECS treasury enforcement communications system

TECS II [JP 3-07.4] Treasury Enforcement Communications System

TECSECI trusted embedded computer system evaluation criteria interpretation

TECSTAR [AR 310-50] technical missions, structures, and career development

TED 1transferred-electron device, 2trunk encryption device, 3translation error detector, 4testability and embedded diagnostic, 5tiny editor, 6tactical evaluation display, 7threat evaluation display, 8threat environment description, 9[AR 310-50] training equipment development

TEDREP type unit equipment detail report (Army)

TEDS [Army] Tactical Expendable Drone System.

TEDSS Tactical Environmental Data Support System (TAC)

TEE telecommunications engineering establishment

TEED to end encryption device

TEEL [AR 310-50] temporary expedient equipment list

TEEM test and evaluation estimating model

TEEP training effectiveness evaluation plan

TEEVAL tactics and equipment evaluator

TEF total environment facility

TEFSA territorial forces effectiveness file

TEG 1tactical exploitation group, 2test and evaluation group, 3thermoelectric generator

TEGS Target Electronic Counter Measures Generation System

TEI terminal endpoint identifier

TEIN tanned identification number

TEISS the Enhanced Integrated Soldier System (Army)

Tel telephone group

TEL transporter/erector/launcher

TEL(AR) transporter erector launcher (and radar)

TELATS Tactical Electronic Locating and Targeting System

TELCO telephone company

TELCOM WWMCCS® Site Telecommunica-tions Configuration System

TELCON telephone conversation

TELD [AR 310-50] teledate equipment

TELE-MED television medicine

TELECON [AR 310-50] teletypewriter conference

TELEDAC telemetric data converter

TELEFAX telecommunications facsimile

TELEMAN Telephone Management System (USAF)

TELENET 1telecommunications network protocol, 2teletypewriter network

TELER telecommunications requirement

TELESPO computer operator console training

TELEX 1dial-up telegraph service, 2teleprinter exchange, 3teletypewriter exchange service, 4[JP 1-02] teletype

TELINT telemetry intelligence

TELNET 1GTE Commercial Data Network, 2telecommunication network, 3terminal to host communication service protocol (MIL-STD-1782)

TELPAK telecommunications package

TELSIM teletypewriter simulator

TELUS telemetric universal sensor

TEM 1terrain evaluation module, 2transverse electromagnet, 3transportability engineering management

TEM/OPS Terrain Evaluation Module/Obstacle Planning System

TEMA 1Tanned Management Agency, 2Test and Evaluation Management Agency

TEMAC test and evaluation manager committee

TEMC Test and Evaluation Management Course (Defense Systems Management College)

TEML Turbo Editor Macro Language [Borland]

TEMO training, exercises, and military operations

TEMOD test equipment modernization

temp [AR 310-50] temporary

TEMP 1test and evaluation master plan, 2electrical resistance temperature, 3temporary, 4Transportability Engineering Management Program

TEMPER tent, extendable, modular, personnel

TEMPEST A short name referring to investigations and studies (e.g., TEMPEST tests, TEMPEST inspections) of compromising emanations. It is sometimes used synonymously for the term.

TEMPLAR 1tactical experimental mission planner, 2Tactical Expert Mission Planner (RADC)

TEMPS transportable electromagnetic pulse simulator

TEMS 1technical engineering and management support, 2turbine engine monitoring system, 3test and evaluation mission simulator

TEMSE technical and managerial support environment

TEMSS test equipment mass-storage system

TENCAP [Army] Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities Program

TENIS terminal environment network information system

TEO 1training and evaluation outlines, 2transferred-electron oscillator, 3technology executive officer

TEOA 1tactical ELINT processor, 2Technical Evaluation Program, 3terminal emulation processor, 4Thermal Exchange Pump (Honeywell), 5traffic engineering program, 6test and evaluation objective annex

TEOM transformer environment overcurrent monitor

TEOSS Tactical Emitter Operational Support System (USAF)

TEP 1tactical electronics processor, 2tabletop enhancement program, 3tactical electronic plot, 4tactical ELINT processor, 5task execution plan, 6technical evaluation program, 7terminal emulation processor, 8traffic engineering program, 9thermal exchange pump (Honeywell), 10test evaluation plan

TEPG thermionic electrical power generator

TEPI training equipment planning information

TEPIGEN television picture generator

TEPP tactical ELINT preprocessor

TER 1transmission equivalent resistance, 2triple ejection rack, 3thermal eclipse reading [Sony], 4test and evaluation report

TERA terminal effects research and analysis

TERB time enroute bulletin

TERCOM 1terrain contour matching [navigation by comparison of the terrain with a stored map], 2terrain comparison

TEREC tactical electromagnetic reconnaissance (USAF)

TEREC GP TEREC Ground Processor

TERF terrain (following) flight

TERIB 1tanned resource investment board, 2test and evaluation resource and investment board

TERMPWR terminator power

TERMS 1[AR 310-50] Terminal Management System (MTMC), 2test equipment reporting management system

TERNVSVC [AR 310-50] terrestrial environmental services

TERP 1terrain elevation retrieval program, 2technical evaluation review panel

TERPES Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing and Evaluation System (USMC)

TERPROM terrain profile matching

TERPS [AR 310-50] terminal instrument procedures

TERRAIN terrain analysis file

TERS 1tactical event reporting system, 2Tactical Electromagnetic Reconnaissance System

TERT test and evaluation, educational, R&D and tactical missions

TES 1tactical engagement simulation, 2tactical engagement system, 3Tactical Exploitation System [TENCAP system replacing MIES, ETRAC, and EPDS], 4test and evaluation squadron, 5tactical environment simulator, 6thermal elbow sight, 7tactical environment simulation, 8target engagement system, 9threat emitter simulator

TESAC Training and Evaluation System for Active Countermeasures

TESS 1tactical environmental support system, 2The Extended Simulation System (TAC), 3tactical electromagnetic systems study, 4theater exploitation study system

TESTCOMDNA [AR 310-50] Test Command Defense Nuclear Agency

TESTFACS Test Facility Register (Army)

TESTREP test representative

TESWG TRAMCON engineering sub-working group

TET 1technical evaluation test, 2total elapsed time, 3turbine-entry temperature

TETAM [AR 310-50] tactical effectiveness tasting antitank missile

TETAP test and evaluation tasking plan

TETRA terminal tracking telescope

TETROON tethered meteorological balloon

TEU 1[AR 310-50] United States Army Technical Escort Unit, 2[JP 1-02] twenty-foot equivalent unit

TEW threat early warning

TEWDS tactical electronic warfare deception system

TEWES Tactical Electronic Warfare Environment Simulator (USN)

TEWS 1tactical electronic warfare system, 2tactical electronic warning system, 3tactical electronic warfare support, 4[AR 310-50] tactical effectiveness of weapons systems

TEWT 1training exercise without troops, 2tactical exercise without troops

TEX text executive processor

TEXCOM Test and Experimentation Command

TEXMIS Training Module Executive Management Information System

TEXTIR text indexing and retrieval

TEZ 1total exclusion zone, 2Titan enterprise zone

tf [AR 310-50] timeframe

TF 1terrain following, 2task force, 3technical fault, 4turbofan, 5[AR 310-50] total forfeiture, 6[AR 310-50] training film

TF FSE task force fire support element

TF XXI Task Force XXI

TF/D time-frequency dissemination

TF/TA terrain following/terrain avoidance

TFA 1technology forecasting and assessment, 2trust fund account

TFC 1tactical fusion center, 2traffic, 3task force commander

TFCA total force capability assessment

TFCC 1tactical flag command center (USN), 2tactical fleet control, 3task force command center

TFCC/FDDS Tactical Flag Command Center/Flag Data Display System

TFCICA [JP 2-01.2] task force counterintelligence coordinating authority

TFCS Treasury Financial Communications System

TFCSD [AR 310-50] total Federal commissioned service to date

TFCUS transportable field calibration unit

TFD 1tactical fusion division (USAF), 2television feasibility demonstration, 3thin film diode, 4terrain following device, 5time/frequency display, 6termination for default

TFDD text file device driver

TFE 1transportation feasibility estimator (JOPS), 2tactical field exchange, 3terrain-following E-scope

TFEL thin-film electroluminescent

TFG 1tactical fighter group (USAF), 2transportation facility guide (MTMC), 3terminal facilities guide

TFIV Task Force IV

TFL test fixture

TFM 1TEX font metric, 2tactical flight management, 3Treasury Financial Manual

TFMRDBS Total Force Manpower Requirements Database

TFMS tactical frequency management system

TFO 1trainer fabrication organization, 2transaction for other

TFOCA tactical fiber-optic cable assembly

TFOM testability figure of measure

TFOS [AR 310-50] total Federal officer service

TFOV total field-of-view

TFP time and frequency processing

TFR 1terrain-following radar, 2total final reporting, 3[JP 1-02] temporary flight restriction

TFRD test facilities requirement document

TFS 1traffic flow security, 2tactical fighter squadron, 3terminal fix sensor, 4trainer fighter simulator, 5trusted file server, 6tactical forecast system

TFT 1technical feasibility testing, 2thin-film technology, 3thin-film transistor, 4technical feasibility test, 5technologically feasible threat, 6[AR 310-50] tabular firing tables

TFTG tactical fighter training group

TFTP trivial file transfer protocol

TFTS tactical fighter training squadron

TFTW tactical fighter training wing

TFW tactical fighter wing

TFWC Tactical Fighter Weapons Center (Nellis AFB)

TG 1trainer's guide, 2task group, 3trainee guide, 4tuned grid, 5transmission group, 6test group

TGA thermo gravimetric analysis

TGBL through Government bill of lading

TGC 1transmit gain control, 2task group commander, 3trunk group cluster, 4trunk group communications

TGCR tactical generic cable replacement

TGEN [JP 1-02] table generate

TGH [AR 310-50] Tripler General Hospital

TGIF 1tactical ground intercept facility, 2transportable ground intercept facility

TGIF II tactical ground intercept facility (ESC)

TGM 1timetable generation module, 2trunk group multiplexer

TGMOW [JP 1-02] transmission group module/orderwire

TGMTS [AR 310-50] tank gunnery and missile tracking system

TGOSC TENCAP General Officer's Steering Committee

TGS translator generator system

TGSE telemetry ground support equipment

TGSM terminally guided sub-munition

tgt target

TGTINFOREP [JP 3-56.1] target information report

TGTM transportability guidance technical manuals

TGU [JP 1-02] trunk compatibility unit

TGW terminally guided weapon

TH 1transportation and handling, 2true heading

THA 1test hazard analysis, 2threat hazard analysis

THAAD theater high-altitude area defense

THAIS Type Commanders, Headquarters Automated Information System (USN)

THAR 1test hazard analysis review, 2test hazard assessment review

THAWS tactical homing and warning system

THD total harmonic distortion

THDS screw threads

THERP technique for human error rate prediction

THI 1temperature humidity index, 2time handed in

ThiNet [TTPIO-ABCS] Thin Net

THIR temperature humidity infrared radiometer

THJM thermal joining of metals

THMT tactical high mobility terminal

THOMAS the [United States] House [of Representatives] Open Multimedia Access System

THOPS tape handling operational system

THOR 1tape handling option routines, 2Tandy high-performance optical recording

THP 1terminal to host protocol, 2take home package

THQ theater headquarters

THR transmit holding register

THREATCON 1threat condition, 2[JP 1-02] terrorist threat condition

THS test host substitute

THT 1token holding time, 2tracking head trainer

THURSIS the human roles in space (NASA)

THz terahertz

Ti titanium

TI 1traditional instruction, 2tape inverter, 3test instruction, 4time interval, 5transfer impedance, 6technical Interchange, 7trials installation, 8thermal imager, 9target identification, 10Texas Instruments, Inc., 11target indicator, 12thermal imaging, 13thermal infrared, 14training instructor, 15technical information, 16technology insertion, 17test incident, 18[FM 101-5-1] Tajikistan, 19[TTPIO-ABCS] Tactical Internet, 20[JP 1-02] threat identification, 21[JP 1-02] technical instruction for WSCs, 22[AR 310-50] technical inspection, 23[AR 310-50] technical intelligence

TIA 1training impact analysis, 2Telecommunications Industry Association, 3the Internet adapter

TIAP Theater Intelligence Architecture Program (DIA/AFIN)

TIARA 1tactical intelligence and related activities, 2target illumination and recovery aid

TIAS target identification and acquisition system

TIB target intelligence branch

TIBOE transmitting information by optical electronics

TIBR truly integrated baseline review

TIBS Tactical Information Broadcast System [Service]

TIC 1tape intersystem connection, 2target intercept computer, 3technical interface concept, 4transducer information center, 5temperature indicating controller, 6tool issue center, 7troops in contact, 8theater intelligence center, 9telecommunications information center, 10transaction identification code,11technology integration center, 12targeted industry category, 13total item change, 14[JP 1-02] target information center, 15[JP 3-07.4] The Interdiction Committee

TICARRS Tactical Interim CAMS and REMIS Reporting System

TICE time integral cost effectiveness

TICF [AR 310-50] transient installation confinement facility

TICP [AR 310-50] theater inventory control point

TICS teacher interactive computer system

TID 1technical implementation directive, 2target ID, 3tactical information display, 4target information display, 5technical interface description, 6test instrument development, 7test introduction document

TIDAR time delay array radar

TIDAT target intelligence data [message format for FS]

TIDCS transitional integrated DCS

TIDDAC time in deadband digital attitude control

TIDE tactical information data exchange

TIDES 1time division electronics switching system, 2training impact decision system

TIDP 1Technical Interface Design Plan (TAC/TADS), 2telemetry and image data processing

TIDPTE technical interface design plan test edition

TIDS [JP 1-02] Tactical Imagery Dissemination System

TIDY teletype integrated display system

TIE 1technical independent evaluator, 2technical integration and evaluation, 3target identification equipment

TIES 1transmission and information exchange system, 2time independent escape sequence

TIF 1tape inventory file, 2task initiation form, 3telephone influence factor, 4telephone interference factor, 5tactical interface facility, 6technical information files

TIFF tagged image file format

TIFS total inflight simulator

TIG 1tactical intelligence group, 2track initiation and grouping, 3The Inspector General, a publication of Air Combat Command (USAF), 4time in grade, 5transmission identification generator, 6tungsten inert gas [method of welding], 7the Inspector General

TIGA Texas Instruments Graphics Architecture

TIGER 1tactical intelligence and evaluation relay, 2topologically integrated geographic encoding and referencing

TII total inactive inventory

TIIAP Telecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program [NII]

TIIF tactical image interpretation facility

TIIPS technically improved interference prediction system

TIL transportation information library

TILO technical and industrial liaison office

TILS TMDE Inventory List System

TIM 1technical interface meeting, 2time meter, 3target identification markers, 4technical interchange meeting, 5technical information memo [COMPAQ], 6target information module, 7transmission interface module

TIMAR [AR 310-50] near-term improvement in materiel asset reporting

TIMI technology independent machine interface [IBM]

TIMIG [AR 310-50] time in grade

TIMINT [AR 310-50] time interval

TIMIT time interval

TIMP test investment master plan

TIMS 1technical information management system, 2theater information management system, 3thermal imaging navigation set

TIN 1taxpayer identification number, 2turn in, 3[AR 310-50] temporary identification number

TINA Truth in Negotiation Act

TINS thermal imaging navigation set

TIO 1time interval optimization, 2[JP 1-02] target intelligence officer

TIOE test in other environment

TIOH, USA [AR 310-50] The Institute of Heraldry, United States Army

TIOP tactical interface operational procedures

TIP 1tent interface panel, 2technical information processing, 3technical information project, 4terminal interface processor, 5target impact prediction, 6tracking and impact prediction, 7telecommunications implementation plan, 8Transition and Integration Plan (DSCS), 9tailored instruction program, 10technical improvement program, 11test integration plan, 12track initiation processor, 13transit improvement program, 14treaty implementation plan, 15turn-in point, 16tactical integration plan, 17[JP 1-02] target intelligence package

TIPA Treaty Implementation Plan Agency

TIPG [JP 1-02] Telephone Interface Planning Guide

TIPI 1tactical image processing interpretation, 2[JP 1-02] tactical information processing and interpretation system

TIPI-IIS tactical information processing and interpretation – imagery interpretation segment

TIPIL turn in point item list

TIPL teach information processing language

TIPP 1time-phasing program, 2test investment plan and program, 3test investment planning and programming, 4test investment planning process

TIPS 1terrain intelligence processing system, 2technical information processing system, 3telemetry integrated processing system, 4total integrated pneumatic system, 5Transportation Information Processing System (MAC)

TIPT transition integrated product team

TIPTOP tape input, tape output

TIR 1test incident report, 2technical interface report, 3total indicator reading, 4target illuminating radar, 5thermal imaging radar, 6tracking and illumination radar, 7transportation item reporters, 8total item record, 9[TTPIO-ABCS] tactical interface requirement

TIRAS task identification and resource allocation system

TIREM terrain integrated rough Earth model

TIROS television and inferred observation satellite (NOAA)

TIRP total internal reflection prism

TIRPF total integrated radial peaking factor

TIRS [FM 101-5-1] terrain index reference system

TIRT target identification and recognition trainer

TIS 1target information sheet, 2technical information service, 3total information system, 4TAC information system, 5TACOPS Information System (TAC), 6tactical intelligence support, 7tactical intelligence squadron (USAF), 8tactical input segment (JSIPS), 9test instrumentation system, 10thermal imaging system, 11tracking information subsystem, 12tracking instrumentation subsystem, 13training integration system, 14time in service, 15test information sheet, 16test instruction sheet, 17test investment strategy

TISA 1TAC information systems architecture, 2troop issue subsistence activity

TISC technology integration steering committee

TISCA technical information storage and control application

TISD tactical information systems division (TAC)

TISL target indicator system laser

TISO 1threat integration staff officer, 2[AR 310-50] troop issue subsistence officer

TISP test investment strategic plan

TISS 1TEWS Intermediate Support System (AFSC), 2transportation information subsystem, 3troop issue subsistence system, 4tactical intermediate support system

TISSS tester independent support software system

TISURS trainer inventory status utilization reporting system

TITE TEWS Intermediate Test Equipment

TITF test item transmittal form

TITL tracker in the loop

TIU 1trusted interface unit, 2tape identification unit

TIV threat impact value

TIWADS TIP interface with automated data system

TIWG test integration working group

tj [AR 310-50] trajectory

TJADC [AR 310-50] theater air defense command

TJAG the Judge Advocate General

TJAGSA [AR 310-50] The Judge Advocate General's School, United States Army

TJC trajectory chart

TJD trajectory diagram

TJOC [AR 310-50] theater joint operations center

TJS tactical jamming system

TK/TK track to track

TKG terminal key generators

TKT threshold knowledge test

TKTRANSR [AR 310-50] tank transporter

tl [AR 310-50] truckload

TL 1target list, 2tape library, 3target language, 4task leader, 5test log, 6tie line, 7transmission level, 8[NATO] transit level, 9technical letter,10total loss, 11termination liability, 12truckload, 13travel and living allowance, 14temporary living allowance, 15[JP-1-02] team leader, 16[AR 310-50] time length, 17[AR 310-50] transport/loader

TLA 1training level assignment, 2three-letter acronym, 3[AR 310-50] temporary lodging allowance, 4[AR 310-50] travel and living allowance

TLAM Tomahawk Land Attack Missile

TLAMC Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (conventional)

TLAMD Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (bomblet warhead)

TLAMN Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (nuclear)

TLB 1translation lookaside buffer, 2top level budget

TLC 1telecommunications line center, 2telecommunications live controller, 3[JP 1-02] traffic load control, 4[JP 1-02] thin layer chromatography

TLCC theater logistics coordination center

TLCCS total life cycle competition strategy

TLCF 1teleconferencing, 2[JP 1-02] teleconference (WIN)

TLCSC top level computer software component

TLD 1top level domain [Internet], 2transport and logistics dataset. 3top level demonstration manager, 4[AR 310-50] technical logistics data

TLDI [AR 310-50] technical logistics data and information

TLE 1tracking light electronics, 2target location error

TLF temporary lodging facilities

TLI 1telephone line interface, 2transport layer interface, 3three letter identifier, 4type line item code

TLK test link

TLM telemeter

TLMR trounced land mobile radio

TLO 1terminal learning objective, 2[AR 310-50] technical liaison officer

TLOD technical letter of delegation

TLP 1threshold learning process, 2top load pad, 3total language processor, 4test level point, 5transmission level point, 6troop leading procedure, 7[NATO] Tactical Leadership Program, 8[AR 310-50] total loss of pay

TLR 1telecommunications leasing request, 2technical letter report, 3termination liability reserve, 4top level requirement, 5[JP 1-02] trailer

TLRN Technical Logistics Reference Network

TLRP TRADOC Long Range Plan

TLRS total logistics readiness and sustainability

TLRTP TRADOC Long-range Training Plan

TLS 1telecommunication liaison staff, 2terminal landing system, 3tactical logistics system, 4through life support, 5time line sheet

TLSC total logistics support cost

TLSS tactical life support system

TLT test loop translator

TLTA two-loop test apparatus

TLU table look-up

TLV 1threshold limit value, 2threat likelihood value, 3[AR 310-50] threshold limit values

TLW termination liability worksheet

TLX [JP 1-02] teletype

tm team

TM 1technical manual, 2tactical missile, 3tape mark, 4telemetry, 5temperature meter, 6temperature monitor, 7tone modulation, 8transmission matrix, 9transverse magnetic [field], 10[JP 1-02] theater missile, 11task memory, 12tasking memorandum,13trademark, 14technical maintenance, 15thematic mapper, 16technical management, 17test manager, 18to receive telemetry, 19type model, 20threat manager, 21[JP 1-02] team member, 22[JP 1-02] TROPO modem

TM CHG technical manual change number

TM IND technical manual indenture code

TM V&V technical manual verification and validation

TM/TO technical manual/technical order

TMA 1TRADOC Management Activity, 2training mission area, 3total materiel assets, 4target motion analysis, 5terminal control area, 6traffic management agency, 7traffic management analyst, 8[AR 310-50] Taiwan Maintenance Agency

TMACS training management control system

TMAO 1[JP 4-06] Theater Mortuary Affairs Officer, 2[AR 310-50] troop movement assignment order

TMAP telecommunications monitoring and assessment program

TMARP tanker mating and ranging program (SAC)

TMAS 1thermal mine avoidance system; 2tank main armament system, 3transaction monitoring and analysis system

TMAW Technical Managers Advanced Workshop (Defense Systems Management College)

TMAWG threat model accreditation working group

TMC 1traffic message channel, 2temporary mobilization center, 3thermal management control, 4test management council

TMCA 1Transportation Management Control Agency, 2Transportation Movement Control Agency

TMCC 1[AR 310-50] theater movement control office, 2time-multiplexed communication channel

TMCR technical manual contract requirement

TMCRL [AR 310-50] tailored master cross reference list

TMCS 1tactical maintenance control system, 2telecommunications management and control subsystems

TMD 1tactical munitions dispenser, 2transient mass distribution code, 3theater missile defense, 4tactical modular display, 5technical management database

TMD/EXJAM tactical munitions dispenser expendable jammer

TMDE test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment

TMDR technical manual deficiency report

TMDS theater missile defense system

TMEC TRADOC Materiel Evaluation Committee

TMEP [JP 4-06] Theater Mortuary Evacuation Point

TMET 1Transportable Medium Earth Terminal [GRCS], 2technical management evaluation team

TMF time management facility (Honeywell)

TMFD technical manual functional description

TMG 1TRADOC manpower guidance, 2[JP 1-02] timing

TMGS transportable mobile ground station (USAF)

TMHS tactical message handling system

TMICP [AR 310-50] topographic map inventory control point

TMICS transportation management information control system

TMIMPS Technical Manual Integrated Management Program System

TMIS 1Technical Management Information System (NASA), 2technician's maintenance information system, 3training and maintenance information system, 4[JP 1-02] Theater Medical Information System

TML [JP 1-02] terminal

TMLS tactical microwave landing system

TMM 1target materials management, 2target management matrix

TMMC theater materiel management center

TMMMC [JP 4-02.1] theater medical materiel management center

TMMS Technical Manual Management System

TMN 1technical and management note, 2telecommunication management network, 3true mach number, 4[JP 1-02] trackline multiunit non-return

TMO 1training material outline, 2traffic management office, 3[AR 310-50] transportation movements office(r), 4transportation management office, 5training and military operation, 6[AR 310-50] total materiel objective

TMOPES TRADOC Mobilization, Planning, and Execution System

TMOPS TRADOC Mobilization and Operations Plan

TMOS transportation management/OPTEMPO system (USN)

TMP 1training management plan, 2triple modular redundant, 3TAC Mission Processor, 4temporary, 5technical management plan, 6target master plan, 7technology master process, 8[JP 1-02] Telecommunications Management Program, 9[AR 310-50] technical manual parts, 10[AR 310-50] transportation motor pool

TMPC theater mission planning center

TMPO 1terrain modeling project office, 2[AR 310-50] total materiel procurement objective

TMPODS 1Technical Manual Print on Demand System, 2Technical Manual Publish on Demand System

TMPS Theater Mission Planning System (SAC/JCS)

TMR 1triple modular redundancy, 2[JP 1-02] trackline multiunit return, 3[AR 310-50] total materiel requirement, 4[AR 310-50] transportation movements release

TMR/TL Table of Manpower Requirements/Troops List System (USMC)

TMRBM transportable medium range ballistic missile

TMRS tactical missile record system

TMS 1tactical missile squadron, 2time-shared monitor system, 3transmission measuring set, 4training management system, 5traffic management specialist, 6type, model, and sery

TMSD [AR 310-50] total military service to date

TMSS 1technical manual specifications and standards, 2technical munition safety study

TMT 1TOPSOIL Maintenance Trainer, 2transition management team, 3TRAMCON master terminal, 4transportation motor transport

TMTS transaction monitoring tool

TMW tactical missile wing

TMWS target material workstation

TMX telemeter transmitter

TN 1technical note, 2Tennessee, 3technical needs, 4twisted nematic, 5technology need, 6[AR 310-50] thermonuclear

TNA transient network analyzer

TNAPS [JP 1-02] Tactical Network Analysis and Planning System

TNAPS+ [JP 1-02] Tactical Network Analysis and Planning System Plus

TNAS TELCON Network Administration System

TNB tail number bin

TNC 1terminal node controller, 2trunk node control

TND training need date

TNET Teletraining Network

TNF 1tactical nuclear forces, 2theater nuclear forces

TNFC3 tactical nuclear force command, control, and communications

TNFE twisted nemetic field effect

TNFIP theater nuclear forces improvement plan

TNFS3 theater nuclear forces, survivability, security, and safety

tng training

TNGDEV training developer

TNI trusted network interpretation

TNIU trusted network interface unit

TNL target nomination list

TNMCS total not mission capable – supply

TNO the Netherlands Organization

TNS 1tactical name server, 2technology need statement

TNSA technical nuclear safety analysis

TNT trinitrotoluene

TNW 1theater nuclear war, 2theater nuclear weapons

TNWS tactical nuclear weapons

TO 1training observation, 2technical order (USAF), 3travel order, 4transistor outline, 5task order, 6take-off, 7transportation officer, 8training objective, 9[JP 4-02.2] theater of operations

TO&E [JP 1-02] table of organization and equipment

TO&P technical objectives and plan

TOA 1tradeoff analysis, 2total obligational authority, 3time of arrival, 4table of allowances, 5task order, 6transfer of authority, 7transfer of operational authority,8transportation operating agency, 9total obligation authority, 10[AR 310-50] terms of agreement

TOAI total overall aircraft inventory

TOAD [AR 310-50] Tobyhanna Army Depot

ToC table of contents

TOC 1tactical operations center, 2technical order compliance, 3tactical air forces operations center, 4theory of constraint, 5[DoD/DSMC] total ownership cost, 6[AR 310-50] theater of operations command

TOC/ECP technical order compliance/engineering change proposal

TOCA Tactical Operations Center Automated System

TOCC 1tactical operations control center, 2test operations control center, 3type of change code

TOCEX tactical operation control exercise

TOCR TO contract requirement

TOCS technological aids to creative thoughts

TOCSE tactical operations center support element

TOCU 1TO control unit, 2[JP 1-02] TROPO orderwire control unit

TOD 1trade-off determination, 2time of delivery, 3technical objective directive, 4technical objective documents, 5time of day, 6take-off distance, 7thermal observation device, 8time of dispatch, 9technical order data

TODA take-off distance available

TODC [AR 310-50] theater oriented depot complex

TODCA technical order data distribution and control activity,

TODO technical order distribution office

TODR take-off distance required

TODS tactical optical disk system

TOE 1table(s) of organization and equipment, 2[AR 310-50] term of enlistment

TOEFL test of English as a foreign language

TOEMTB [AR 310-50] TOE Mobilization Troop Basis, Annex VII to the Department of the Army Mobilization Planning and Programming Guidance Document

TOES telephone order entry system

TOF 1time of file, 2time of flight

TOFAC Technical Office Automation and Communication System (USN)

TOFC trailer on flat car

TOFDC [AR 310-50] total operational flying duty credit

TOGW take-off gross weight

TOH 1total annual operating time, 2[JP 1-02] top of hill

tohm terohmmeter

TOI 1technical operation instruction, 2track of interest, 3[AR 310-50] term of induction

TOIMDR total organizational intermediate maintenance demand rate

TOIPT Technical Oversight IPT

TOIS Technical Order Improvement System

TOJ track on jam(ming)

TOL 1test oriented language, 2tactical operating location, 3type organization list

TOLD take off and landing data

TOLR transmitting objective loudness rating

TOLS TERMS-On-Line System (MTMC)

TOLTS total on-line test system

TOM technical operations manager

TOMA 1Technical Order Management Agency, 2[TRADOC] Training Operations and Management Activity

TOMARR total manpower requirements and resources

TOMCAT telemetry on-line monitoring compression and transmission

TOMP technical order management plan

TOO target of opportunity

TOP 1tactical operations planner, 2technical and office protocol, 3time of preparation, 4time-sensitive operation planning procedures, 5topic, 6tester operational plan

TOPINT technical operational intelligence

TOPMIS Total Officer Personnel Management Information System

topo 1[AR 310-50] topographic, 2[AR 310-50] topography

TOPP terminal operated production language

TOPREP time-sensitive operation planning and reporting

TOPS 1Tactical Onboard Processing System, 2teletype optical projection system, 3Transportation Operational Personal Property Standard System (DoD), 4total operations processing system, 5technical order page supplement

TOPSEC top secret

TOPSS the Officer Projection Specialty System

TOPSTAR [AR 310-50] The Officer Personnel System, The Army Reserve

TOPTS test-oriented paper-tape system

TOR 1technical oversight representative, 2terms of reference, 3tactical operation room, 4technical operations research, 5tentative operational requirement, 6time of release/receipt (communications), 7technical override, 8test of reasonableness

TORA take-off run available

TORB technical order review board

TORMS TAC Operations Resources Management System

torp [AR 310-50] torpedo

TORPCM [AR 310-50] torpedo countermeasures and deception

TORR take-off run required

TORT tactical operational readiness trainer

TOS 1training objective statements, 2terminal-oriented software, 3terminal-oriented system, 4time-ordered system, 5tactical operations squadron, 6tactical operations system, 7top of stack, 8text and office systems, 9TIROS Operational System, 10type of service, 11[JP 3-09.3] time on station, 12[AR 310-50] term of service, 13[AR 310-50] type of shipment

TOSM tenant operations systems manager

TOSP tailored ocean surveillance product

TOSS 1Television Ordnance Scoring System, 2transient and/or steady state, 3television optical scoring system

TOT 1TOPSOIL operator training, 2time of transmission, 3[FM 101-5-1] time on target (naval gunfire, mortar, and close air support), 4time of tape, 5time over target, 6time-of-transition, 7transmission operating unit, 8task oriented training, 9[AR 310-50] time over target (air support)

TOT BLOCK time over target block time

TOT-QTY-SCHED total of all delivery schedule quantity

TOU transmission operating unit

TOV teleoperated vehicle

TOVP technical order verification plan

TOW 1Tube Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Guided [Antitank Missile System], 2take-off weight

TOWA terrain and obstacle warning and avoidance

TOWG technical order working group

TOX toxicology

TOYA Ten Outstanding Young Airmen

tp 1teleprocessing, 2triple play [tape], 3turboprop engine

TP 1target population, 2technical publication, 3total package, 4training package, 5training plan, 6teleprocessing, 7test procedure, 8teleprocessing monitor, 9terminal processing, 10test plan, 11traffic post, 12transaction processor (Honeywell), 13transition plan, 14transport protocol,15tactical plot, 16target practice, 17training practice, 18twisted pair, 19technical performance, 20test program, 21transportation priority, 22[JP 1-02] turn point

TP/UMF total package/unit materiel fielding

TP4 transport protocol class 4

TPA 1target planning aide (RADC), 2target prioritization aid, 3terminal processor assembly, 4test process archive, 5total package approach

TPAP transaction processing applications program

TPB test prioritization board

TPC 1transaction-processing performance council, 2total program concept

TPC/PC [CJCSI 6130.01] tactical pilotage chart/pilotage chart

TPCA task performance capability analysis

TPCE test program cost estimate

TPCS Team Portable COMINT System (USMC)

TPD 1terminal protection device, 2threat planning document, 3test planning document

TPDC Training Performance Data Center

TPDFS Teampack Direction Finding System (USMC)

TPDL 1TEMPEST product data list, 2TEMPEST profile data list

TPDMP training program development master plan

TPDU Transport Protocol Data Unit

TPE 1tracking and pointing experiments (SDI), 2transaction processing executive

TPEB technical proposal evaluation board

TPEW technology panel for electronic warfare

TPF 1terminal presentation facility, 2terminal phase finalization, 3transactions processing facility [IBM], 4total package fielding

TPFDD time-phased force and deployment data (JOPES, GCCS)

TPFDL time-phased force and deployment list (JOPES)

TPG 1technology planning guide (ESD), 2TEREC ground processor, 3troop program guidance

TPHSG [AR 310-50] troop housing

TPI 1tape phase inverter, 2target position indicator, 3terminal phase initiate, 4tracks per inch, 5two person integrity, 6[AR 310-50] technical proficiency inspection

TPIN trading partner identification number

TPIO 1TRADOC program integration officer, 2TRADOC Program Integration Office

TPIO-STE [TR 350-70] TRADOC Program Integration Office for the Synthetic Training Environment

TPIO-TD [TR 350-70] TRADOC Program Integration Office - Terrain Digitization

TPIP time phased implementation plan

TPIPT technical planning integrated product team

TPL 1time-phase line, 2test parts list, 3table producing language, 4transaction processing language, 5test planning letter, 6[JP 1-02] technical publications list, 7[JP 1-02] telephone private lines

TPLOT Terra-Plot (JCS)

TPM 1tape preventive maintenance, 2telemetry processor module, 3terrain profile matching, 4transactions per minute, 5technical performance measurement

TPMA thermodynamics properties of metals and alloys

TPMCM total partial mission capable – maintenance

TPMCS total partial mission capable – supply

TPMG [AR 310-50] The Provost Marshall General

TPMR training program management review

TPMRC [JP 4-02] Theater Patient Movement Requirements Center

TPN tactical packet network

TPO 1TRADOC Program Office, 2technical project officer, 3telecommunication program objective, 4test plan outline, 5TRIMIS Program Office, 6TRADOC project officer, 7test program outline, 8transportation packaging order, 9[TR 350-70] TRADOC Project Office

TPO CONSTRUCTIVE [TR 350-70] TRADOC Project Office for Constructive Synthetic Training Environment

TPO LIVE [TR 350-70] TRADOC Project Office for Live Training Environment

TPO ONESAF [TR 350-70] TRADOC Project Office for One Semi-automated Force

TPO STOW [TR 350-70] TRADOC Project Office for Synthetic Theater of War

TPO VIRTUAL [TR 350-70] TRADOC Project Office for Virtual Synthetic Training Environment

TPO WARSIM [TR 350-70] TRADOC Project Office Warfighter 2000 Simulations

TPOM TRADOC Program Objective Memorandum

TPOP TELCO Point of Presence

TPORT twisted pair port transceiver [AT&T]

TPP 1test point pace, 2theater planning package, 3total package procurement, 4technical performance parameter, 5technical performance plan, 6test project plan

TPPC total package procurement concept

TPPG test plan preparation guide

TPR 1transaction processing routine, 2trained personnel requirement, 3total projected requirement

TPRA 1task performance requirements analysis, 2test planning requirement analysis

TPRISM TRADOC Plan for Reengineering Information Systems Modernization

TPS 1test program set(s), 2technical performance specifications, 3training path system, 4task parameter synthesizer, 5thermal protection system, 6target processing section, 7test pilots school, 8transactions per second, 9transaction processing system, 10test package set, 11test program software

TPSDB test program set data base

TPSI torque pressure in pounds per square inch

TPSN troop program sequence number (UNITREP)

TPSO teleprocessing services center

TPT 1training planning team, 2transport, 3troop proficiency trainer, 4[FM 101-5-1] tactical PSYOP team, 5[JP 1-02] tactical petroleum terminal

TPTG tuned plate, tuned grid

TPTRL time-phased transportation requirements list (JOPS)

TPU 1terminal processor unit, 2tape preparation unit, 3troop program unit, 4[JP 4-06] tank pump unit

TPUMF total package unit materiel fielding

TPUS troop program unit

TPW 1training program worksheet, 2Turbo Pascal for Windows

TPWG test planning working group [USAF]

TQ total quality

TQFP Thin Quad Flat Pack

TQG tactical quiet generator

TQL total quality leadership

TQM total quality management

TQMC Total Quality Management Course (Defense Systems Management College)

TQMT Trailblazer/QUICKFIX Maintenance Trainer

TQMW Total Quality Management Workshop (Defense Systems Management College)

TQR training quality report

TR 1TRADOC regulation, 2transportability report, 3test report, 4training review, 5training report, 6training requirement, 7tape recorder, 8time-delay relay, 9transient response, 10transmit-receive, 11translation, 12transmitter/receiver, 13tactical reconnaissance, 14technical report, 15theater reserve, 16tracking radar, 17transaction register, 18transportation request,19terminal ready, 20test request, 21[TTPIO-ABCS] trouble request


TR-1 tactical reconnaissance aircraft (U-2 derivative)

TR1GS/TREDS TR-1 Ground Station/Tactical Reconnaissance Exploitation Demonstration System

TRA 1temporary reserved airspace, 2technical review authority

TRAAMS time reference angle of arrival measurement system

TRAC 1tactical radar correlator, 2TRADOC Analysis Center [formerly TRASANA], 3text reckoning and compiling, 4transient radiation analysis by computer, 5technical report awareness circular, 6technological research of advanced concepts, 7Technical Expertise TRADOC Analysis Command

TRAC-WSMR TRADOC Requirements Analysis Center – White Sands Missile Range

TRAC2ES [JP 4-02.2] TRANSCOM's Regulating and Command and Control Evacuation System

TRACALS traffic control and landing system

TRACE 1tape-controlled reckoning and checkout equipment, 2teleprocessing recording for analysis by the customer, 3time-shared routines for analysis, classification, and evaluation, 4tolls recording and computing equipment, 5total risk assessing cost estimate, 6transportable automated control environment, 7total resource and cost evaluation, 8total risk assessing cost estimating

TRACE-P total risk assessing cost estimate for production

TRACON 1terminal radar control, 2[JP 1-02] terminal radar approach control facility

TRACS 1transportation requirements and capabilities simulation model, 2Training Control System (USAF)

TRADAD [AR 310-50] trace to destination and advise

TRADE 1training services, 2training device

TRADEC tank-automotive command research, development, and engineering

TRADESMAN Transportable Rapid Deployment Steerable Mount Antenna

TRADEX [AR 310-50] target resolution discrimination experiment

TRADIC Transistorized Airborne Digital Computer (name of first entirely transistorized computer)

TRADOC [Army] Training and Doctrine Command

TRADOC-R TRADOC regulation

TRAFDIST traffic distribution system


TRAILBLAZER communications intercept system (AN/TSQ-114)

TRAIN 1Telerail Automated Information Network, 2Training Resources Access Information Network

TRAIS Transportation Reporting and Inquiry System (MAC)

TRAM target recognition and attack multisensor

TRAMCOM 1transmission management and control, 2transmission monitoring and control system

TRAMEA TRADOC Management Engineering Activity

TRAMOD training module

TRAMP time-shared relational associative memory program

TRAMS 1Transportation (Traffic) Management System [Component of DSATS], 2UCCIS Transportation and Movement Subsystem (USAREUR)

tran [AR 310-50] transient

TRAN [USN] transport ship

TRANDIR translation director

trans 1transport, 2transportation

TRANS transmitter

TRANSAC transistorized automatic computer

TRANSCOM 1Transportation Command (Army), 2transportation communications (DoE), 3Transportation Command Management Information System (USAREUR)

TRANSEC transmission security

TRANSMO transportation model

TRANSMOD 1transition to modernization, 2transportation mobility development, 3transportation module (COMPES)

TRANSVANS transportable radar and communications simulator vans (NATO)

TRAP 1[TRADOC] Training Requirements Arbitration Panel, 2tanks, racks, adapters and pylons, 3tactical related application, 4tactical receive equipment [TRE] and related applications, 5tracker analysis program, 6[JP 1-02] Terrorism Research and Analysis Program, 7[JP 1-02] tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel (Marine Corps)

TRAPATT 1trapped plasma avalanche transit time, 2trapped plasma avalanche triggered transit

TRAPP [AR 310-50] training and retention as permanent party

TRAPPS TRADOC Long-Range Planning and Programming System

TRAS [TRADOC] Training Requirements Analysis System

TRASANA TRADOC Systems Analysis Activity (obsolete, see TRAC)

TRASSO 1TRADOC systems Staff Office, 2TRADOC system staff officer

TRASTO TRADOC system training officer

TRAWL tape read and write library

TRB 1test review board, 2technical review board

TRC 1tape record coordinator, 2telemetry and remote control, 3type requisition code, 4tactical reconnaissance center, 5technology repair center, 6TEREC remote terminal, 7transmission release code, 8technical reference code, 9technical repair center, 10technological repair center, 11technology repair center, 12[JP 1-02] tactical radio communication

TRCC 1tracking radar central control, 2[JP 1-02] tactical record communications center

TRCO technical representative of the contracting officer

TRD 1technical requirements document, 2test requirements document

TRDP technology research and development program

TRDTO tracking radar take-off

TRE 1tactical receive equipment, 2tactical reconnaissance exploitation, 3tactical reserve equipment, 4target-rich environment

TREADS Tactical Reconnaissance Exploitation Demonstration

treas treasury

TREAS [JP 3-08] Department of the Treasury

TREAS DEPT [AR 310-50] Department of the Treasury

TREAT TRE advanced terminal

TREC target recognition for electronic combat

TREDS 1Tactical Reconnaissance Exploitation and Dissemination System (USAF), 2TR-1 Exploitation Development System

TREDS-R TRADOC Educational Data System – Redesign

TREE transient radiation effects on electronics

trf [AR 310-50] transfer

TREK transmit record electronically and kwickly

TRES 1tactical radar and ESM system, 2threat radar emitter simulator

TRETS transportation, energy, and troop support

TRF 1tuned radio frequency, 2Trident refit facility, 3Trident repair facility

TRG 1tactical reconnaissance group, 2technical review group, 3training requirements generator, 4training group

tri triode

TRI 1toxic release inventory, 2training requirement integration, 3transaction routing index file

TRI-TAC 1Tri-service Tactical Communications System [EAC area common user system (ACUS)], 2Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Tactical Communications System, 3[JP 1-02] Tri-Service Tactical Communications Program

triac bi-directional triode-thyrister

TRIAL technique for retrieving information from abstracts of literature

TRIBLE transaction image builder/editor

TRICAP triple capabilities

TRICE transistorized real-time incremental computer

TRICOMS TRIAD Computer System

TRICON [JP 4-01.7] triple container

TRICS transaction identification codes

TRIF tiled raster interchange format

TRIFOOD tri-service food service system

TRIGAT third generation anti-tank missile

TRIGS TR-1 ground station

TRILOG Tri-Service Logistics System

TRIM 1Trails, Roads, Interdiction Multisensor, 2Time-Related Instructional Management System (ATC), 3Time-Related Instructional Management System (ATC)

TRIMIS Tri-Service Medical Information System (DoD)

TRIMS 1Transportation Integrated Management System, 2technical risk identification and mitigation system, 3time-related instruction management system

TRIPAD DoD Standard Patient Administration System

TRIS Transportation Reporting and Inquiry System (MAC)

TRISTA TROJAN Intermediate Support Activity

TRIXS Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Exchange System

TRK 1[JP 1-02] truck, 2[JP 1-02] trunk

trkdr [AR 310-50] truck-drawn

trkhd [AR 310-50] truckhead

trkmtd [AR 310-50] truck-mounted

TRL 1target recommendation list, 2transistor-resistor logic

TRM 1TRADOC review of manpower [looks five years out], 2thermal remanent magnetization, 3training resource model, 4technical reference model

TRMF theater readiness monitoring facility

TRMP test resource master plan

TRMS type commander readiness management system

TRN 1terrain-reference navigation, 2turn-around actions, 3technical research not, 4threaded read news [Internet], 5Token Ring network, 6[TTPIO-ABCS] time rule name

TRNG training

TRO 1target reliance office, 2[JP 4-05.1] training and readiness oversight, 3[AR 310-50] truck route order

TROC tactical relay operations center

TROJAN Army IEW system

TROJAN SPIRIT TROJAN Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal (obsolete, now called Communications Central)

TRON the real-time operating system nucleus

TROOP transportation operational and organizational plan

TROPO 1Tropospheric scatter (radio), 2[JP 1-02] troposphere

TROS tape resident operating system

TROSCOM [Army] Troop Support Command

TROSS technical and rear operations support system

trp troop

TRP 1technology reinvestment project, 2technology reinvestment program, 3threat recognition processor (USN), 4technical requirement package, 5test resource plan, 6[FM 101-5-1] target reference point, 7[AR 310-50] traffic regulation point

TRQI training requester quota identifier

TRR 1test readiness review, 2target ranging radar, 3topical report request, 4topical reports review, 5technical readiness review

TRRB test readiness review board

TRRIP Theater Rapid Response Intelligence Package [obsolete see CHATS]

TRRMS Training Requirements and Resource Management System (USMC)

TRS 1tactical reconnaissance squadron, 2test response spectrum, 3terminal reservation system, 4training reception system, 5Tactical Reconnaissance System (TR-1), 6tactical reconnaissance sensor, 7technical repair standard, 8test requirement sheet, 9test resume sheet

TRSA 1timesharing retrieval system, 2terminal radar service area

TRSIURS Trainer Status, Inventory and Utilization Reporting System (USAF)

TRSL test requirement and specification language

TRSSM tactical range surface-to-surface missile

TRT 1technical review team, 2TEREC remote terminal, 3token rotation time

TRTL transistor-resistor-transistor logic

TRU 1transportable radio unit, 2test replaceable unit, 3transmitter/receiver unit

TRUS tiltwing/rotor UAV system

TRV 1transient recovery voltage, 2terminal rendezvous point, 3tower restoral vehicle, 4[AR 310-50] tank recovery vehicle

TRVEH [AR 310-50] tracked vehicle

TRW tactical reconnaissance wing

TS 1technical specialist, 2tensile strength, 3test set, 4test specification, 5time switch, 6time sharing, 7test squadron, 8top secret, 9type of signaling,10target strength, 11trainer subsystem, 12training simulator, 13transattack survivability, 14transmitter segment, 15transport squadron, 16transport support, 17target start, 18threat simulator, 19threat site, 20[FM 101-5-1] Tunisia, 21[JP 1-02] terminal service, 22[AR 310-50] transit storage

TS-CMMSM trusted software capability maturity model

TS/RD top secret/restricted data

TS/SI top secret/sensitive information

TS/TP turboshaft/turboprop

TS3 1top secret support (GCCS), 2time sensitive support system

TSA 1training situation analysis, 2time series analysis, 3theater storage area, 4Troops Support Agency (Army), 5target service agent, 6technical support alliance, 7transmitter/ servo drive/ antenna, 8technical support activity, 9training site agreement, 10[JP 3-07.2] travel security advisory

TSAE Troop Support Agency Europe (Army)

TSAPI Telephony Services Application Program Interface [AT&T + Novell]

TSAR 1Theater Simulation of Airbase Resources (HQ USAF), 2test schedule and review

TSARC test schedule and review committee

TSARCOM Troop Support and Aviation Materiel Readiness Command

TSASS TRADOC Security Assistance Supporting System (Army)

TSB 1twin sideband, 2termination status block, 3[TR 350-70] task selection board, 4[JP 1-02] trunk signaling buffer

TSBFB [JP 1-02] trunk signaling buffer "B"

TSC 1training support center, 2test score category, 3technical subcommittee, 4transmitter start code, 5tactical support center, 6[USAF]Transport Support Command, 7triple store carrier, 8technical service center

TSC(A) theater signal command [Army]

TSCD Targeting Station Control and Display

TSCDP [AR 310-50] Technical Service Center Development Program

TSCF task schedule change form

TSCIP technical ship characteristic improvement panels

TSCIXS Tactical Support Center Information Exchange System

TSCLT transportable satellite communications link terminal

TSCM technical surveillance countermeasures

TSCO 1target selection confusion of operator (USN), 2top secret control officer, 3[AR 310-50] top secret control office

TSCT 1tactical support center, 2tandem switch center, 3technical support contractor, 4Transportation Systems Center (DoT), 5[Army] tactical situation display, 6team start date, 7test start date, 8technical support center, 9AF small computer

TSD 1[USAIC&FH] Training Support Division, 2theater shipping document, 3tactical situation display, 4team start date, 5test start date, 6[TRADOC] Tactical Software Division

TSDM time-shared data management system

TSDOS time-shared disk operating system

TSE 1tactical support equipment, 2tactical support element, 3test support equipment

TSEC telecommunications security

TSEQ time sequence

TSF 1ten-statement FORTRAN, 2tower shielding facility

TSFC thrust specific fuel consumption

TSFO Training Set Fire Observation

TSG 1the Surgeon General, 2transversly adjusted gap, 3TMDE support group, 4threat steering group, 5[JP 1-02] test signal generator

TSGAD [AR 310-50] Triservice Group on Air Defense

TSGCE [JP 1-02] tri-Service group on communications and electronics

TSGCEE [CJCSI 6130.01] Tri-Service Group on Communications and Electronic Equipment (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)

TSgt [USAF] technical sergeant

TSI 1time slot interchange, 2terminal equipment system initialization, 3threshold signal-to-interference ratio, 4tactical support increment, 5Transportation and Safety Institute, 6[AR 310-50] technical standardization inspection

TSIC transaction set implementation convention

TSIG trusted system interoperability group

TSII [TTPIO-ABCS] Trojan Spirit II

TSIR total system integration responsibility

TSIT [AR 310-50] technical service intelligence team

TSIX trusted information exchange for restricted environment

TSM 1TRADOC system manager, 2time shared monitor system, 3transportation simulation model, 4threat spectrum model, 5[JP 1-02] trunk signaling message

TSM-S TRADOC Systems Management – Soldier

TSM-SDR TRADOC Systems Management – Soldier

TSM ASAS TRADOC System Manager – All Source Analysis System

TSM GBCS TRADOC System Manager – Ground Based Common Sensor

TSM JSTARS TRADOC System Manager – Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

TSM UAV TRADOC System Manager – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems

TSMP threat simulator master plan

TSN 1time since new, 2technical support to negotiations, 3[JP 1-02] trackline single-unit non-return

TSO 1tactical surveillance officer, 2time sharing option, 3technical standard order (FAA), 4technical support order, 5threat support office, 6telecommunications service order, 7technical support online [Apple], 8theater of strategic operations, 9time since overhaul, 10[AR 310-50] transportation supply officer

TSO/E time-sharing option/extension

TSOP [AR 310-50] tactical standing operating procedure

TSOR tentative specific operational requirement

TSOS time sharing operating system

TSOW technical scope of work

TSP 1training support package, 2threat support package, 3test support plan, 4test support package, 5technical support package, 6Tactical Strike Program (NATO), 7technical support plan, 8TRADOC Study Program, 9telecommunications services priority [system] (DCA), 10terminal support processor, 11timely spares provision, 12training support plan,13texture and shading processor [PowerVR], 14trade security policy, 15troop structure program

TSPI time space position information

TSPR total system performance responsibility

TSPS time sharing programming system

TSR 1training support requirements (annex A to the ORD) (obsolete), 2TRADOC Status Report, 3terminate, stay-resident, 4test summary report, 5total stress range, 6technical support request, 7technical support requirement, 8time sensitive reporting, 9tripartite staff requirement, 10telecommunications service requests,11tactical strike/ reconnaissance, 12[TR 350-70] training status report, 13[JP 1-02] trackline single-unit return

TSRA training system requirements analysis

TSRB termination settlement review board

TSRT transportable standard remote terminal (Army)

TSS 1Tri-band SATCOM System, 2technical staff surveillance, 3time-sharing system, 4target selection standards, 5Tactical Shelter System Program (USAF) [obsolete, redesignated transportable shelter system to emphasize its role as a non-tactical system], 6traffic service section, 7TRIDENT [submarine] Support System (USN), 8tactical surveillance sonobuoy (USN), 9task state segment, 10Telecommunications Security System (Army), 11technical support services, 12telecommunication standard sector, 13travel support system, 14[TTPIO-ABCS] training support system, 15[JP 1-02] traffic service station, 16[JP 1-02] time signal set, 17[JP 1-02] tactical shelter system

TSSC training system support center

TSSP [JP 1-02] tactical satellite signal processor

TSSR [JP 1-02] tropospheric scatter- (TROPO-) satellite support radio

TSSS time-sensitive support system

TSSTS tactical SIGINT system training simulator

TSSW 1technical document support software, 2technical support software

TST 1technical support team, 2test and evaluation, 3[JP 3-56.1] theater support team

TSTAR Tomahawk stops the attacking regiment

TSTC technical specialist training course

TSTN triple supertwisted nematic

TSTP total system training plan

TSU 1trailer support unit, 2technical service unit, 3telebriefing switching unit, 4telescopic sight unit, 5transport support unit

TSUS Tariff Schedule of the United States

TSV tab separated values

TSVMS tactical secure voice management system

TSVP tactical secure voice program

TSWA [JP 2-01] temporary secure working areas

TSWG 1training support working group, 2test support working group

tt teletypewriter

TT 1technical test(ing), 2troop test, 3terminal timing, 4test temperature, 5timing and telemetry, 6tracking telescope, 7turn time, 8typewriter text, 9threat transmitter,10team terminal [single-channel communications terminal], 11technical team, 12[JP 1-02] terminal transfer

TT&C 1telemetry tracking and control, 2telemetry, tracking, and command

TT&E technical test and evaluation (Army)

TTA 1transport-triggered architecture, 2tailored training approach, 3Treasury Telecommunications Architecture

TTAB technical training acceptance board

TTAE total time, airframe, and engine

TTAP Training Technology Applications Program (ATC)

TTB 1tanker-transport-bomber, 2[JP 4-01.5] transportation terminal battalion

TTC 1technical training center, 2tracking, telemetry, and command

TTCC [AR 310-50] The Technical Cooperation Committee

TTCE Transportation Terminal Center, Europe

TTCN tree and tabular combined notation

TTCP 1test training certification plan, 2the technical cooperation program, 3technology transfer control plan

TTCS 1tactical terminal control station, 2target tracking and control station

TTCU [AR 310-50] teletypewriter control unit

TTD 1training and technical data, 2touch tone director, 3[CJCSI 6271.01] technical task directive

TTE 1technical test and evaluation, 2time to event

TTEL tool and test equipment list

TTF 1threat training facility, 2training test and ferry, 3tanker task force

TTF&T technology transfer, fabrication, and test

TTG 1technical translation group, 2time to go, 3tactical training group, 4tiling task group

TTHS trainees, transients, holdees, and students

TTI 1teletypewriter test instruction, 2time temperature indicator, 3test thoroughness index

TTIP test team initial planning

TTISMM transit time information system for military mail

TTL 1training task list, 2test tone level, 3transistor-transistor logic, 4time to live

TTMCFC [AR 310-50] theater-type mobilization corps force capabilities

TTMCFO [AR 310-50] theater-type mobilization corps force objective

TTO technology transition office

TTOES technology task order engineering service

TTP 1tactics, techniques, and procedures, 2tape to print, 3test transfer port, 4thermal-transfer printing, 5trusted third party, 6time to protection, 7technology transfer program

TTP&S [AR 310-50] trainees, transients, patients, and students program

TTR target tracking radar

TTRR technical test readiness review

TTS 1temporary threshold shift, 2transistor-transistor logic Schottky barrier, 3transmission test set, 4text-to-speech, 5total training system, 6transaction tracking system [Novell], 7training and training support

TTSARB Technology Transfer Security Assistance Review Board

TTSP 1training test support package, 2threat test support package

TTT 1teleteaching and training, 2[JP 1-02] time to target

TTU 1terminal time unit, 2[JP 1-02] transportation terminal unitt

TTW 1tactical training wing, 2technical training wing

TTWG turnover and transfer working group

TTX tracking transducer

tty (or TTY) 1teleprinter, 2teletypewriter

TTYNET teletype network

TU 1traffic units, 2traversing unit, 3table update, 4[FM 101-5-1] Turkey, 5[AR 310-50] task unit

TUAAM tuner unit automatic antenna matching

TUAV Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

TUBA [JP 1-02] transition unit box assembly

TUC type unit code

TUCHA type unit characteristics data/file (JOPS)

TUCHAREP [JP 1-02] Type Unit Characteristics Report

TUDE teletype users data entry

TUDET type unit (equipment) detail

TUF terminal user function

TUFI Tactical Unit Financial Interface (FORSCOM)

TUFMIS Tactical Unit Financial Management Information System (Army)

TUG 1tactical UTC generator (PACAF), 2technical users group

TUI 1text-based user interface [WordPerfect], 2tactical user-oriented intelligence system

TUM tuning unit member

TUMS Table Update and Management System [Stanford University]

TUO technology utilization officer

TUOC tactical unit operations center

TURF tuning unit radio frequency

TURN turnaround

TUS 1transmission unattended site, 2tactical unmanned system

TUSA Third United States Army

TUSAB [AR 310-50] The United States Army Band

TUSAC [AR 310-50] The United States Army Chorus

TUSIDBAD [AR 310-50] Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Identification Badge

TUSLOG [AR 310-50] The United States Logistic Group

TUT transistor under test

TV 1test vehicle, 2thermal vacuum, 3traverse, 4terminal velocity, 5[JP 3-53] television, 6[AR 310-50] transport vehicles, 7[AR 310-50] travel voucher

TVA 1target value analysis, 2[JP 1-02] Tennessee Valley Authority

TVA/ADF target value analysis and allocation and distribution of Fire

TVC trust vector control

TVCO television converter

TVI television interference

TVDS tactical video distribution system

TVDU television display unit

TVF table of contents verbosely from file [UNIX]

TVFS Toronto Virtual File System [IBM]

TVI television interference

tvl [AR 310-50] travel

TVLALWS [AR 310-50] travel allowance on separation

TVM 1tachometer indicator, 2tachometer voltmeter, 3transistor voltmeter, 4tactical video mapping, 5test verification matrix, 6track via missile

TVOC television operations center

TVOL television on-line

TVOR terminal very high frequency omnirange

TVRB [AR 310-50] Tactical Vehicle Review Board

TVS transient voltage suppresser

TVT 1television tape, 2television trainer

TW 1thermal wire, 2traveling wave, 3tactical warning, 4test wing, 5training wing

TW/AA 1tactical warning/attack assessment, 2threat-warning and attack assessment

TW/AC tactical warning/attack characterization

TW/SD tactical warning and space defense

TWA 1trailing wire antenna, 2traveling-wave amplifier

TWAC tactical weather analysis center

TWAIN technology without any interesting name (connection between application and scanner software)

TWAMP time weighted average month program

TWAP Target-Weapon Association Program

TWAT traveling-wave amplifier tube

TWC [JP 1-02] total water current

TWCM [JP 1-02] theater wartime construction manager

TWCRT traveling-wave cathode-ray tube

TWCS Tomahawk Weapons Control System

TWD [JP 3-07.4] Transnational Warfare Counterdrug Analysis

TWDS [JP 1-02] Tactical Water Distribution System

TWEM tactical weather effects message

TWG 1technical working group, 2test working group, 3transfer working group, 4turnover working group, 5technology working group, 6threat working group

TWGSS Tank Weapons Gunnery Simulation System

TWI 1threat warning indicator, 2[AR 310-50] training with industry

TWIDS Threat Warning Information Display System

TWIMC to whom it may concern

TWM traveling-wave maser

TWMBK traveling-wave multiple-beam klystron

TWO ATAF Second Allied Tactical Air Force

TWOS Total Warrant Officer Study

TWP team work plan

TWPA traveling-wave parametric amplifier

TWPL [JP 1-02] teletypewriter private lines

TWR 1aerodrome control tower, 2threat warning receiver, 3threat warning receiver, 4temporary work request

TWRAPS Traffic Management Workload Reporting and Productivity System (USAF)

TWS 1track while scan, 2Tomahawk Weapons System, 3tactical weather system, 4threat warning system, 5task work specification, 6[AR 310-50] tactical weather station

TWSB twin sideband

TWSEAS Tactical Warfare Simulation and Evaluation System

TWT traveling-wave tube [wave generator used in pulse-doppler radars]

TWTA traveling-wave-tube amplifier

TWTTY tactical warning teletypewriter

TWV tactical wheeled vehicles

TWX 1joint message form, 2teletypewriter exchange service, 3theater war exercise

TX 1Texas, 2transmit, 3transmitter, 4transmission, 5Turkmenistan

TXD transmit data

TXE telephone exchange electronics

TXT text

TXT2STF text to structured file [Lotus Agenda]

TXTHDR text header

TY 1then year, 2[AR 310-50] total yield

TY $M then year cost in millions

TY$ then year dollars

TYAD Tobyhanna Army Depot

TYCOM type commander

TYDAC typical digital automatic computer

TYP ten year plan

TYPE MSN type of mission

TYPEA unit type code file system (WWMCCS®)

TYPREP type unit report

TZ 1time zone [UNIX], 2[AR 310-50] tactical zone