DATE=2/20/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=IRANIAN ELECTIONS (L)CQ NUMBER=2-259367 BYLINE=SCOTT BOBB DATELINE=TEHRAN CONTENT= VOICED AT: //Editors - Resending to put the correct number on this CR. It should be 2-259367, not 2-259366.// INTRO: As results continue to come in from Friday's parliamentary elections in Iran, the reformist alliance appears poised for a landslide victory. Correspondent Scott Bobb reports from Tehran that with two-thirds of the seats decided, the reformists appear set to control at least 70 percent of the new parliament. TEXT: Although election returns from the populous Tehran district have yet to come in, Iranian observers following the tally say the margin of victory for the reformist coalition appears to be widening. They say conservatives are maintaining their base of about one-fourth of the seats in an election that officials say was marked by a record, 80 percent voter turnout. Iranian observers already are predicting significant changes in the next majlis, or parliament. A professor of political science at Tehran University, Nasser Hadian, says although conservatives will continue to control many powerful institutions in government and society, they are going to be stripped of one important source of power in government. This, he says, will present an opportunity to the reformists. ///HADIAN ACT./// Having the control of this majlis, they (the reformists) may pass some laws which will further institutionalize democracy and political freedom in Iran. And they will strengthen civil society's institutions. ///END ACT./// Professor Hadian says the reformists could also pass laws providing a legal structure to protect these institutions. Some Iranians have noted that an overwhelming victory by reformists could lead to pressure for rapid change. Another professor at Tehran University, Hodi Samati, says there may be a dispute over the next speaker of parliament, for example. But he says nobody wants the reformists to adopt what he calls an emotional agenda of radical change. ///SAMATI ACT./// I expect them to be initially operating cautiously and moving still gradually, although there will be a minority with the more radical and leftist oriented agenda. But I think ultimately there will multiple voices available in the majlis and presented in the majlis. ///END ACT./// Election officials say several dozen seats will be decided in a runoff election, to be held in a few weeks. And they say the results from Tehran may take up to a week to be tallied. Nevertheless, election observers say the results from these late counts are not likely to change the overall trend, leading them to predict a landslide victory for advocates of change. (Signed) NEB/SB/PLM 20-Feb-2000 06:32 AM EDT (20-Feb-2000 1132 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .