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U.S. Marine Corps on Counterinsurgency

The U.S. Marine Corps has recently published a series of documents on counterinsurgency:

“Small-Unit Leaders’ Guide to Counterinsurgency,” June 2006 (4.7 MB PDF file).

“Countering Irregular Threats: A Comprehensive Approach,” 14 June 2006 (3.2 MB PDF file).

“Tentative Manual for Countering Irregular Threats: An Updated Approach to Counterinsurgency Operations,” 7 June 2006.

0 thoughts on “U.S. Marine Corps on Counterinsurgency

  1. “Marines need to learn when to fight with weapons and when to fight with information, humanitarian aid, economic advice, and a boost toward good governance for the local people.”

    Wow. I don’t think Marines are really trained for that.

  2. Nate: Marines have been training for and thinking about these matters for a long, long time. Perhaps you should do a little research on the Corps before you comment. Start with Combined Action Platoons, the Small Wars Manual and work from there.

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