Radiological Terrorism and Attacks on Nuclear Facilities

Today I gave two presentations to Brookhaven National Laboratory on the topics of radiological terrorism and attacks on nuclear facilities such as nuclear power plants. These presentations were for a course of nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear policy given this month at the laboratory. The course is part of the Next Generation Safeguards Initiative sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration.


View the presentations here:
Radiological Terrorism
Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Policy

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  1. Radiological Terrorism , Meaning radium Nuclear of radioactive subastances being 1 million times more radioactive then uranium , – I think of Radium Glow in the Dark paint and the situation of people that used it that survived as well as the Generation of people from japan who were generation effected atomic bomb people that turned out healthier then the average person in Japan , Just heard on radio , which is good news because they ‘re headed into a another generation of radiation babies.

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