Summer 2011

PIR: Volume 64 No 2

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President’s Message

Q&A: Burton Richter

Duly Noted: Nuclear Energy Program

Book Review: The End of Energy: The Unmaking of America’s Environment, Security, and Independence by Michael J. Graetz

FAS Matters: News and Notes from FAS Headquarters and a remembrance of Jonathan Tucker.

Feature Articles:

Protection of Nuclear Installations from Disaster
By Basant Kumar Mohanty, King Fahd Medical Research Centre in Saudi Arabia, and Noshir Soonawala, formerly at Whiteshell Laboratories of the Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.


War and Peace – The Cyber Edition
By Neal Pollard, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Cyber Policy at FAS and a principal at PRTM Management Consultants.


An Uncertain Future for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
By Jennie C. Stephens, Clark University.


Strengthening Safety, Oversight, and Environmental Protection in U.S. Waters
By Michael R. Bromwich, U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement.


Lessons Learned from the BP Oil Spill
By Andrew Winston, author of Green Recovery and co-author of the international best-seller Green to Gold.


Small Modular Reactors
By Eugen Taso, International Manager, HSBC.


Aspirations for Clean Electrical Energy
By Richard J. Wiener, Research Corporation for Science Advancement, and Richard C. Powell, Arizona Research Institute on Solar Energy.


Research Report:
Impacts of Biofuels on Climate Change, Water Use, and Land Use
By Mark A Delucchi, Research Scientist, University of California, Davis.