Nuclear Weapons

Public Interest Report: June 2016

06.28.16 | 1 min read | Text by FAS

President’s Message: What Will the Next President’s Nuclear Policies Be?

by Charles D. Ferguson

The presidential candidates’ debates will soon occur, and the voters must know where the candidates stand on protecting the United States against catastrophic nuclear attacks.

Three-Dimensional Arms Control: A Thought Experiment

by Heather Williams

In order to move beyond old-school arms control, it is useful to revisit the initial goals of arms control.

Welcome Back, Multiple Object Kill Vehicles

by Debalina Ghoshal

Ever since the United States began developing a missile defense system, the focus has been on pursuing a
robust missile defense system.

Nuclear Security and Safety in America: A proposal on illicit trafficking of radioactive material and orphan sources

by Diva Puig

The special nature of nuclear energy requires particular safety and security conditions and stronger protective measures. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as do other international and regional organizations, provides assessment, but it does not know a great deal about the security status of most Member States.

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