AF Spells Out Use of Intel Contingency Funds

05.14.09 | 1 min read | Text by Steven Aftergood

A new Air Force instruction (pdf) describes the use of unvouchered “intelligence contingency funds” which may be spent by the Secretary of the Air Force “for any purpose” in support of the Air Force intelligence mission.

Such funds may be expended, for example, to pay for “plaques, mementos, etc.” to be presented “as gifts or incentive awards to foreign officials.”  Contingency funds may also be used “to fund liaison functions with persons not employed by the US Government if they can assist US Air Force organizations to perform intelligence missions.”  However, “The liaison function must be conducted on a modest basis that complies with socially acceptable behavior.”

See “Intelligence Contingency Funds,” Air Force Instruction 14-101, 30 April 2009.