I want a journalist to see what happens to my organs after I die. Here’s why.

By October 4, 2019

After working on organ donation policy in the Obama administration, I have an unusual section in my will: After I die, one of my former White House colleagues is tasked with calling an investigative journalist to see if my organs were actually recovered.

Research highlights why this is a real concern: Thousands of organs go unrecovered every year from potential donors across the country. And every day, 33 of our neighbors die waiting for an organ or are removed from the waiting list for being too sick to recieve a transplant.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Ninety-five percent of Americans support organ donation, and most Americans are registered. (If you haven’t, please consider registering on organdonor.gov.) But whether someone is registered, to actually become an organ donor, a government contractor has to coordinate the donation.

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