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FAS Public Interest Report
The Journal of the Federation of American Scientists
January/February 2002
Volume 55, Number 1
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The BW Protocol as a Health Care Intervention

by Lynn Klotz
When examined using the methods by which health care analysts determine the best "health-care buy" for hospitals and HMOs, it is evident that even a Biological Weapons Convention protocol providing only a small decrease in the probability of a BW attack on the US would still be highly cost-effective. More...

Scientific Literacy: A Necessity in the 21st Century

It is clear that national, state, and local political agendas will include an increasing number of important scientific and technological policy issues in the 21st century.The preservation of the democratic process demands that there be a sufficient number of citizens able to understand these issues, deliberate the alternatives, and adopt public policy. More...

Survey in International Investment in Ed Tech R&D Released

Despite the considerable public resources spent to acquire technology for educational institutions, and despite the extraordinary talents and dedication of the many individuals in the field, a significant gap separates the educational technology now in use from the incredible potential offered by these technologies. More...

Counterforce and the New Nuclear Posture

President Bush has rightly declared that it is time to move beyond cold war arms control. Yet we are being asked to believe that by simply abandoning arms control and declaring the end of mutually assured destruction, we have left the Cold War in the past. Things are not so simple. More...


Arms Control: Where Now?

by Henry Kelly

There's no shying from the fact that arms control has taken a beating over the past year, and in spite of heightened concerns about weapons of mass destruction following the September 11 attacks and the anthrax letters, the public doesn't seem particularly concerned. But we can still salvage a safer world from the recent reversals in arms control. More...

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