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FAS Public Interest Report
The Journal of the Federation of American Scientists
September/October 2001
Volume 54, Number 5
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The Search for Proliferation-Resistant Nuclear Power

by Harold Feiveson
Efforts are underway in the U.S., the European Community, and other countries, to design reactor technologies and fuel cycles that are safer, more efficient in their generation of nuclear waste, and more proliferation-resistant than today's systems. More...

September 11 & the Future of National Security

The horrors of the September 11 terrorist attacks have already changed the security environment in which we all live, and will undoubtedly lead to many more yet unforeseen changes. More...

Call to Readers

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To Provide for the Common Defense

by Henry Kelly

Against the advice of our own military, we stint on advanced research and technology to pour money into aircraft and ships designed to fight wars we know will never be fought, and maintain scores of expensive, unneeded bases and laboratories to satisfy political, not military, needs.More...