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FAS Public Interest Report
The Journal of the Federation of American Scientists
March/April 2001
Volume 54, Number 2
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Degraded Lands: South China's Untapped Resource

by Walter Parham
Damaging agricultural and forestry practices over the past millennium have degraded much of South China's land, drastically reducing its biological productivity and environmental services. Restoring this land is surely an area where Chinese interests and global environmental interests intersect - especially in the area of slowing greenhouse gas production. The Chinese scientific and technical capabilities in this area are impressive, and a partnership with the United States could be enormously profitable. More...


To most of us, it is obvious that National Missile Defense (NMD) can be readily circumvented, will cost enormous amounts of money, alienates our allies, risks re-igniting a nuclear arms race, and is unlikely to work. So why is the Administration so determined to do it? More...

Dual-Use Exports Liberalized

Arms control and human rights advocates are therefore seriously concerned that the most recent attempt by Congress to to rewrite the Export Administration Act would limit the government's ability to control potentially dangerous items, including police and security equipment commonly used for torture. More...

Making Your Views Heard to Congress

Two ways that a citizen who can't make large campaign contributions can get his or her views to the attention of a senator or representative. More...

Another Intelligence Review Underway

On May 9, President Bush ordered yet another review of the U.S. intelligence bureaucracy, but there is no reason to expect that the latest review will lead to the fundamental reforms that are necessary. More...

U.S. Stalls BWC Protocol Negotiations

by Barbara Hatch Rosenberg

Only four more weeks of negotiating time are scheduled this year before the next BWC review conference starts in November, by which time the Protocol is supposed to be completed. Beyond the review conference, there is no heart in Geneva to continue the negotiations for four or more fruitless years, nor is there visible support for revising the mandate according to US desires. If the US prevents consensus on a final text before November, how can the considerable progress already made be preserved? More...

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