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FAS Public Interest Report
The Journal of the Federation of American Scientists
January/February 2001
Volume 54, Number 1
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Low-Yield Earth-Penetrating Nuclear Weapons

by Robert W. Nelson
Despite the global sense of relief and hope that the nuclear arms race ended with the Cold War, an increasingly vocal group of politicians, military officials and leaders of America's nuclear weapon laboratories are urging the US to develop a new generation of precision low-yield nuclear weapons. Rather than deterring warfare with another nuclear power, however, they suggest these weapons could be used in conventional conflicts with third-world nations. More...

Defense Export "Reforms" Revisited

The US arms industry's quest to reduce barriers on overseas sales continues. More...

FAS Obtains First Bush Presidential Directive

The FAS Project on Government Secrecy makes a small victory over bureaucratic secrecy. More...

FAS Welcomes Sherman to Staff

Robert Sherman has joined FAS as Director of the Nuclear Security Program. More...

R&D A Priority For FAS Newest Project

FAS's new Learning Technology Project is off to a running start. More...


A Faith-Based Science Policy?

by Henry Kelly

Americans have a right to expect that the President will have the best possible advice both about facts defining his choices and the values that should be brought to the decision. And they have a right to expect that he can tell the difference. It's a bad sign that the new President is pushing forward on many complex issues _including preparing his first budget _ without any apparent source of advice from the science community. No Science Advisor to the President has been named (let alone confirmed) and few, if any, of the Cabinet members managing major federal research portfolios come with any experience or instincts in managing science and technology. More...